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We’re All Going to Die in an Airplane Crash Anyway, So Why Use a Carseat?

Legs bent or feet touching the backseat when rear-facing is dangerous

Your pediatrician is a car seat expert

5-point harnesses are safer than boosters for older kids

Can you install a carseat too tightly?

Are bent legs in a car seat developmentally dangerous?

LATCH is safer than a seat belt installation

Shopping Cart Safety – is it safe to put an infant carseat on top of cart?

You need an infant carseat for a newborn

Once a 5-stepper, Always a 5-stepper.



The Ultimate Rear-Facing Convertible Carseat Space Comparison – Size Matters!

2019 Best Convertible Carseats for Extended Rear-Facing: the definitive guide for savvy shoppers!

Comparison of Budget-Priced Convertible Carseats under $100


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