Mythbusting: LATCH is Safer Than a Seatbelt Installation


In this episode of CarseatBlog Mythbusting, we look at the common perception that LATCH installations are safer than seatbelt installations.

Myth: For the safest installation, install your carseat using the LATCH system, not the seatbelt.

As most people know, LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) is touted to be the easiest and most simple way to install your child’s car seat. Because it’s still somewhat novel and is more frequently mentioned, a lot of parents just assume it’s safer to use the lower anchors + top tether instead of the seat belt + tether.

Evenflo Momentum - tethered

The LATCH system was designed to simplify car seat installation, which in theory would reduce the risk of the seat being installed incorrectly. The easier something is, the more likely someone will get it right. A correctly installed car seat is a safe car seat.

Lower Anchors and Top Tether Attachments

Seatbelts can be finicky at times and the different types of locking mechanisms can be confusing. However, LATCH systems can come with their own set of challenges.

Some lower anchor bars are extremely easy to access, and some are buried deep with the upholstery/foam and almost impossible to reach. Most vehicles don’t have lower LATCH anchors in the center seating position and “borrowing” lower anchors (one from each outboard position) is allowed in some vehicles and prohibited in others. Tether anchors can be hard to find and difficult to access in some vehicles. Add to this the complexities of LATCH weight limits and suddenly LATCH doesn’t seem all that easy or simple anymore.

LATCH Weight Limit Info

Conclusion: A carseat installed correctly and securely with a seatbelt (and tether, if forward-facing) is just as safe as a carseat installed correctly and securely with the LATCH system. In some cars, the lower LATCH anchors are buried and it’s easier to get a proper install with a seat belt. In other cars, the anchors may be super easy to access and it’s quicker to click, tighten, and go. It really depends on your vehicle, your child, your carseat and your carseat’s LATCH weight limits.

If there are no compelling circumstances to choose one system over the other (e.g., exceeding the LATCH weight limit) and both systems yield an equally secure installation, LATCH is not any safer than seatbelt.

Consider this myth BUSTED!

Note: Most infant seat bases and rear-facing convertibles are installed using only the lower LATCH anchor attachments if you’re choosing to install using the LATCH system. Forward-facing seats are installed using the lower anchors AND the top tether. Do NOT install your carseat or infant seat base using both the LATCH strap AND the seatbelt simultaneously unless your car seat manual specifically allows this. 99% of car seats do NOT allow LATCH & seatbelt to be used together but there are a few exceptions so read your manual to know for sure!


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