Honda’s latest recall and what you need to know about it

2011-2017 Honda Odyssey Recall

Got an Odyssey? Then get ready for a NEW recall notice in the next month or so for model year 2011-2017 Honda Odysseys. We addressed a similar recall that was first announced in December of 2016, so be sure to update yourself on that as well if you are not aware. This upcoming recall affects the second row seats just like last year’s recall, only this time it has to do with the vehicle seat latches possibly not connecting fully when reattaching the seat or moving it from the inner most position to the neutral or outermost position. This recall does not involve the lower LATCH anchors used to attach carseats. If the vehicle seat is not latched to the car, it can tip forward during moderate to severe braking and hurt a passenger. According to NHTSA there have been 46 reported (minor) injuries.

To emphasize: If you had a already recall fix done to your Odyssey during 2017 for 2nd row seat release lever that remains unlocked, that is a DIFFERENT RECALL.  This is a NEW recall that is similar to the one from earlier in 2017.  All 2011-2017 owners will be mailed a NEW recall notice starting in late December, 2017.

Over 800,000 Odysseys from model years 2011-2017 have been recalled. Visit Honda’s website with your VIN to check if yours is affected.

What you need to know according to Honda:

-Right now there is no fix available and Honda is currently working toward a resolution.

-Mailed notifications will be sent by Honda to owners in late December, 2017

-When a fix is available, Honda will notify consumers. The repair will be free of cost.

-In the meantime, Honda’s website has step by step instructions for making sure your seat is latched down properly for safe use. You can view those steps here: Instructions for Properly Installing/Positioning the Second Row Outer Seats and Confirming They Are Securely Latched.

-Honda does not recommend tipping the second row seat forward for access to the third row because it increases the chances of it not latching properly when placing it back down.

-Most dealerships are honoring a stop-sale on all Odysseys that fall within this recall and will not sell them. However keep in mind that this recall is very new and a lot of dealerships are not yet aware. So if you are in the market for a used Odyssey, keep in mind that you will not be able to purchase one from those model years from a dealer until the fix is issued. If your local dealer is selling them, know that any model between 2011-2017 is affected.

The second row seat may not anchor fully to the floor and tip forward during hard braking.

You can see where the latch of the seat connects to the bar on the floor. Visit Honda’s website for full instructions on how to ensure the seat is latched properly.


To check if your vehicle is affected, please visit Honda’s website to put in your VIN number, or call (800) 999-1009. More information should be forthcoming.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V725000

Manufacturer Honda (American Honda Motor Co.)

Components SEATS

Potential Number of Units Affected 806,936


2017 Graco Sequel 65 Convertible Carseat Review

2017 Graco Sequel Convertible Carseat Review and Comparison to Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Carseat

The Graco Sequel 65 is a mid-priced convertible seat with easy-to-use features such as a smooth harness adjuster and an open forward-facing belt path. It’s a tall seat—great for tall kiddos—and is similar to the Graco Extend2Fit, but doesn’t have the E2F’s higher rear-facing weight limit or leg extension tray. It’s compact front to back, which makes it a great option for tight spaces.

Weight and Height Limits:
  • Rear-facing 4-40 lbs. AND child’s head is 1” below gray harness height adjustment handle
  • Forward-facing 22-65 lbs., 49″ or less, at least 1 year old*

*We recommend following the American Academy of Pediatrics minimum guidelines of rear-facing to at least age 2 before turning your child forward-facing. It’s safest to rear-face past the minimum of age 2 and with a seat that has a high rear-facing weight and height limit, why not?


Sequel 65 Overview:
  • 10-position headrest with no re-thread harness
  • 2 crotch strap/buckle positions
  • 6-position recline
  • Steel reinforced frame
  • EPS foam
  • Two cup holders
  • Machine-washable cover
  • FAA-approved for use on aircraft
  • 10 yr lifespan before seat expires
Sequel Measurements:

Harness height: 7”-18”
External widest point: 19.625”
Shell height with headrest: 27”
Shoulder width: 13.75”
Crotch strap depth: 3.5”, 5.5”
Seat depth: 11”
Seat weight: 16.4 lbs.

Comparing the Sequel to the Extend2Fit Convertible

UnbuckleMe Review: May the Force be with You


We sometimes get requests from caregivers looking for easy-to-unbuckle seats. While some might be a bit easier than others, federal standards require buckles to withstand at least 9 lbs of force…or in laypersons’ terms: All buckles are sort of difficult. (Afterall, you wouldn’t want babies or toddlers to be able to accidentally unbuckle themselves.)

Buckles can be tough for caregivers in general, but especially for people with arthritis or other dexterity issues. Plus, there are times parents want older, responsible kids to be able to unbuckle on their own, but they struggle to do so.

The UnbuckleMe is a great new tool that makes it easier for caregivers (and those responsible kids) to undo carseat buckles. We first saw the UnbuckleMe in early prototype stages at the 2016 ABC Kids Expo, and we were happy to see that they had moved into production by this year’s show.

Some other unbuckling tools simply provide a larger surface area to push on, but the UnbuckleMe’s design actually reduces the amount of force needed by more than 50%.

I recently moved my 6-year-old into a booster seat because he needed to be able to get in and out of the car quickly in the school dropoff line, but he couldn’t unbuckle his harnessed seat fast enough–or at all, in some instances. The UnbuckleMe made it much easier. How easy? See for yourself:

I don’t love having him in a booster yet, so the UnbuckleMe might be the solution I need to get him back in a harness and keep traffic flowing in the dropoff line.

You can store the UnbuckleMe in a cupholder or console for easy access, or you can use the built-in loop to attach it to a keychain.

The UnbuckleMe is available from their website for $14.99, but CarseatBlog readers can use the code carseat15 for a 15% discount.

UnbuckleMe provided CarseatBlog with a sample, but we did not receive compensation for this review, and all opinions are our own.

Sneak Peek: Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Preview!


1/14/18 UPDATE: MyFit is now shipping to retailers! It is currently available at Target (“Indigo” fashion) and Babies R Us (“Gardenia” fashion) and it’s coming soon to Amazon (both regular & LE models),, BuyBuyBaby, and other retailers. See our unboxing video below for more details. Full review is in the works!

Chicco USA is about to release a new product and after 12 months of tightly zipped lips, we’re finally able to share the details! Please join me in congratulating Chicco on the newest member of their carseat family, MyFit Harness + Booster combination seat. MyFit will be arriving in stores mid-January 2018. There will be 2 versions available, MyFit and MyFit LE. I will discuss the differences between them but first let’s talk about specs, features, and measurements. We will add additional info regarding fit-to-vehicle and fit-to-child in a full MyFit review coming soon!

Chicco MyFit Specs:

  • With 5-point Harness: forward-facing only 25-65 lbs.; 54″ tall or less; child at least 2 years old
  • Belt-Positioning Booster: 40-100 lbs.; 38-57″ tall; child at least 4 years old
  • 8-year lifespan before expiration

MyFit Features:

  • Easy adjust no-rethread harness with 9-position headrest
  • 4 recline positions for customizable child positioning (in both harness & booster mode)
  • Bubble level indicators for both harness mode and booster mode
  • Lock-offs for easy installation with seatbelt
  • Premium push-on LATCH connectors (LATCH weight limit 40 lbs.)
  • SuperCinch force-multiplying system on LATCH strap (LE model only)
  • Integrated LATCH storage compartment
  • Deep head and torso wings plus EPS foam for enhanced side-impact protection
  • Steel-reinforced frame
  • Energy-absorbing base
  • Quick release tether strap with integrated storage compartment.
  • Dual density foam seat cushion with ergonomically contoured seat
  • Deep seat pan to comfortably support older children with longer legs
  • Chest clip comfort pads surround chest clip on harness (usage mandatory)
  • Optional harness strap covers and buckle cover
  • Dual dishwasher-safe foldable cup holders (aka “cup-folders”)
  • Can use LATCH in booster mode
  • Integrated harness storage compartment (for booster mode)
  • FAA approved for use on airplanes (harness mode only)



  • Maximum harness height: 19.5″
  • Maximum booster seated height: 20.25″ (measured to bottom of shoulder belt guide)
  • Width at widest points: 17.5″ (armrests & torso wings)
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs.

Differences between MyFit & MyFit LE

MyFit will not feature SuperCinch force-multiplying system on the LATCH strap but will still have the premium push-on lower LATCH connectors. There will be 6 fashions available at launch, which is a lot for a brand new product! MSRP is $199.

Fashions: Notte; Lanai; Fanthom; Gardenia; Canyon; Indigo


MyFit LE will retail for $249 and there will be 3 fashions available at launch. It will offer all the features of regular MyFit but will also include:

  • SuperCinch force-multiplying system on the LATCH strap (same as NextFit convertible)
  • Comfort waist belts (these are pads that attach to the hip straps on the harness and make loading child easier by keeping the buckle tongues in place)
  • Kid console (storage pod that inserts into cup holder)
  • Premium comfort package with air mesh panels in cover, leatherette armrests, and premium fabrics

LE fashions: Anthem; Starlet; Venture


Unboxing video:

Jennie unboxing her MyFit in the beautiful “Lanai” fashion and trying her 6-year-old and 9-year-old kids in the seat.

MyFit Availability:

Chicco MyFit ($199) & MyFit LE ($249) will be available by early February at, Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, BuyBuyBaby and specialty retailers.

Full review is coming soon so stay tuned!

5-year-old cutie modeling MyFit in booster mode. Hard to see the lap belt fit because of her outfit but it’s perfect! 🙂