Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Carseat Review

2019-2020 Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One Carseat Review

Britax has finally hit the scene with a brand-new all-in-one carseat: the One4Life ClickTight. We’ve been waiting for a long time for them to jump on the bandwagon since it seems everyone has an all-in-one these days (I mean, if *everyone* is doing it, you must follow suit, right?). That must explain the name, too? 😉 Well, Britax doesn’t disappoint with this feature-rich carseat that improves upon the already easy-to-use ClickTight installation system to give us a 50-pound rear-facing weight limit and tallest all-in-one booster.

One4Life Weight and Height Limits:
  • Rear-facing: 5-50 lbs. AND child’s head is 1” below top edge of headrest
  • Forward-facing: 22-65 lbs., 49” or less
  • Highback booster: 40-120 lbs., 44-63”, at least 4 years old
One4Life Overview:
  • Improved ClickTight installation with color-coded belt guides
  • Adjustable 9-position base
  • No re-thread harness with 15 position headrest
  • Energy-absorbing, rip-stitch V-shaped tether
  • SafeCell technology
  • High strength steel reinforced frame
  • Energy-absorbing EPP foam
  • Deluxe push-on LATCH connectors
  • Flip-forward buckle pad
  • Built-in cooling channels with ventilated mesh for improved air flow
  • On-board harness storage for booster mode
  • Two dishwasher-safe cup holders
  • Easily removable machine-washable cover
  • 10 yr lifespan before seat expires
  • MSRP $364.99-$399.99

Cadet Drift Eclipse Black Plum Black Diamond

One4Life Measurements:
  • Harness height: 7 ½ ”-19”
  • Shoulder belt guide height: 21 ½ ”
  • External widest point: 19 ½ ”
  • Base width: 14 3/4″
  • Shell height with headrest: 30 ½ ”
  • Shoulder width: 14”
  • Crotch strap depth: inner slot: 1 ½ ” without infant insert (headrest in lowest position); second slot: 1 ½ “ with infant insert, 5 3/4 ” without insert; outer slot: 7 ½” without insert
  • Seat depth: 13”
  • Seat weight: 29.5 lbs. with padding, 28.9 lbs. without padding

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One4Life ClickTight Installation:

GIVEAWAY! Britax Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster


Britax’s new Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster (aka Combination seat) is now available and we have a full review here! We’ve also partnered with our generous friends at BritaxUSA to give away a new Grow With You ClickTight to one lucky winner (USA only)!

Grows With You Specs & Features:

  • Forward-facing only
  • 5-point harness: 25-65 lbs., 34-49”, at least 2 years old
  • Booster mode: 40-120 lbs., 44-63”
  • Patented ClickTight Installation System
  • 2 layers of side impact protection around the head and upper spine
  • SafeCell Impact Technology provides a crumple zone within the seat for crash energy absorption
  • Industrial-strength steel frame
  • 9-position one hand no-rethread harness/headrest adjustment
  • 2 cup and snack holders
  • Patented V-shaped tether with “staged-release stitches” to help slow forward motion during a crash

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Grow With You ClickTight Combination Car Seat Review: The Next Frontier for Britax?

2019-2020 Britax Grow With You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review

Britax undeniably has one of the strongest reputations in the car seat world and it’s one they’ve earned with dozens of outstanding seats. Britax is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, with a keen eye on making their seats easier to use correctly than others in their field. And easier installation is the fastest way to a safer child when it comes to car seats. With this in mind, I was excited to get the opportunity to try out something new from Britax, the Grow With You ClickTight. It’s a bit of a reincarnation of the Frontier, it still has the patented ClickTight Installation that makes getting a good, snug install an absolute dream, but a little pared down, which necessarily isn’t a bad thing. With the Frontier no longer being made, the Grow With You stands to fill a pretty big void within the car seat world.

Grow With You Seat Limits

Harness mode: 25-65 pounds AND 34-49”, minimum of 2 years of age

Booster mode: 40-120 pounds AND 44-63”

  • Patented ClickTight Installation
  • 2 layers of side impact protection around the head and upper spine
  • SafeCell Impact Technology provides a crumple zone within the seat for crash energy absorption
  • Industrial-strength steel frame
  • 9-position one hand no-rethread harness/headrest adjustment
  • 2 cup and snack holders
  • Patented V-shaped tether with “staged-release stitches” to help slow forward motion during a crash
  • Available from Amazon for $289.99

spark seaglass mulberry 

The grey Asher fashion doesn’t appear to be available yet.

Britax is also introducing the Grow With You ClickTight Plus, which replaces the Pinnacle. Besides having the same features as the GWY CT, it adds a third layer of side impact protection in the form of side impact cushions at the torso. MSRP is $319.99 for the Safewash Fabric.

  • Seat Width: 19.5” at the outside of the torso wings
  • Seat Height: 36” at highest headrest position
  • Seat Depth: 21”
  • Internal width at hips: 11.5”
  • Harness heights: 12” – 20” at 1 inch intervals*
  • Crotch buckle positions: 7” and 9”
  • Booster height positions: 13” – 21”
  • Seat weight: 26.5 lbs.

*On Britax’s website, they list the heights as a half inch higher, both the lowest and the highest height. I measured and remeasured and just did not come up with those values. It may have to do with and measuring the heights with the cover off, but I opted to measure in the way that one would use a seat—with the padding and cover present. I did remove the torso padding to expose where the harness emerges from the shell.

WAYB Pico Recalled for Headrest Defect


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced a recall of more than 4,500 WAYB Pico car seats because the headrest can potentially detach, leading to an increased risk of injury in a crash.

WAYB has received 11 reports of headrests that have detached from their carseats. The problem seems to be that in WAYB’s original design, a 2-pin system holding the headrest can fail. No injuries have been reported.

Defect: The headrest can detach from the carseat.

Seats recalled: All seats manufactured between 3/1/2019 and 5/12/2019. After that time, WAYB began using a new design with a 1-pin system and a reinforced headrest.

Remedy: WAYB plans to replace the headrest on recalled seats, but as of this writing, the details of this plan have not been released. We will update with more information when it becomes available.

What to do: WAYB says that the safety risk is low. The company says it will be obvious if the headrest has detached, and that the product is fine to use as long as the headrest is still in place. However, in a Safety Recall Report, WAYB states, “In some cases, consumers noted that the headrest was loose, causing them to inspect the headrest, at which time it separated from the rest of the product. A loose headrest may indicate that a breakage of at least one of the tubular frame members has occurred. If both tubular frame members in the headrest are broken, pulling up on the headrest will likely lead to a separation of the headrest, making the breakage clear to the consumer.”

This makes it sound like a broken headrest might not be immediately noticeable to the consumer. Because of this, CarseatBlog recommends that owners of affected models contact WAYB at or text or call them at 888.924.9292 if you have any concerns prior to receiving additional information from WAYB on the recall.  If you are still concerned, you should discontinue use of an affected Pico carseat until the headrest is fixed. 

We will continue to update this report as more information becomes available.

Official Recall Notice:

NHTSA Campaign Number: 19C001000

Manufacturer ForB dba WAYB

Components CHILD SEAT

Potential Number of Units Affected 4,558


ForB dba WAYB (WAYB) is recalling certain WAYB Pico child restraints manufactured between March 1, 2019 and May 12, 2019. The headrest’s aluminum tubular frame can break allowing the headrest to detach.


The manufacturer is still developing a plan to replace the headrests on the affected seats, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin September 30, 2019. Owners may contact WAYB customer service at 1-888-924-9292.


Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to

1 Affected Product

Child Seat

WAYB PICO 03/01/2019 – 05/12/2019