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Cosco Finale Quick Review

2017 Cosco Finale 2-in-1 Forward Facing Harness/Booster Review


The Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat is a Stage 3 carseat that is most appropriate for preschool and school-aged children. It is safe, lightweight, extremely budget-friendly and stylish. It is a new model for 2017, so you won’t yet find it on our Recommended Seats. It’s not too complicated to install, and is relatively easy to use properly. Its height capacity isn’t the highest on the market, but it’s reasonably tall for its price point.  Combined with the 65 lbs. weight limit, it should fit most average-height kids (even heavier ones) in the 5-point harness until they are the age and size to safely transition to booster mode. The 2017 Cosco Finale is a forward-facing only carseat. Cosco’s instructions indicate it is for kids at least 1 year old, although we would generally recommend at least age two because it does not rear-face. It can also be used as a highback booster for kids who weigh more than 40 lbs.


Cosco Finale Specs:

With 5-point harness:

  • Weight: 30 – 65 lbs.
  • Height: 32 – 49″
  • Age: At least one year old
  • Fit: Child’s shoulders are at, or below, the top harness slots

As a highback booster:

  • Weight: 40 – 100 lbs.
  • Height:  43″ – 52″
  • Age: None stated, but we recommend waiting until at least age 4 as a bare minimum
  • Fit: Tops of child’s ears are at, or below, the top of the child restraint headrest

Finale Features:

  • 3 sets of harness slots
  • Single crotch strap/buckle position
  • May be installed with LATCH up to 50 lbs. child weight
  • Converts to highback booster
  • Can NOT use LATCH in booster mode
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Removable cup holder can be placed on either side.
  • 10 year lifespan before expiration
  • DX Fashions feature premium fabric


  • 3 Harness slot heights: 13″, 15″, 17″
  • 1 Crotch strap/buckle position: 7″
  • Weight: approximately 9 lbs.
  • Total Width: 17″

For more measurements, please see our Comparison database.

Graco Atlas 65 Review: This Seat Can Shoulder Responsibility



2017 Graco Atlas Review: Combination Forward-Facing Harness and High Back Booster Seat

At first glance, you might mistake the Graco Atlas for a Graco Nautilus, which is understandable since they’re very similar seats.

The main difference with the Atlas is that it becomes a becomes a highback booster but not a backless booster like the Nautilus. The Atlas also doesn’t have the Nautilus’s steel frame, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. That helps make the Atlas significantly lighter, making it a good option for a travel seat. The Atlas also has a nice feature the Nautilus lacks: The ability to tuck the harness out of the way (instead of needing to remove it) for booster mode.

Here’s a chart comparing the different Nautilus-esque Graco seats:

But instead of comparing the Atlas to the Nautilus, let’s take a look at the Atlas in its own right.


  • Harness:
    • 22-65 lbs.
    • 27-49″
  • Booster:
    • 30-100 lbs
    • 38-57″
    • At least 3 years old
  • Lowest harness measurement: 11.5″
  • Highest harness measurement: 18.5″
  • Highest booster belt guide: 20.5″
  • Crotch buckle slots: 2 (5.5″ and 7″)
  • Seat depth: 12″
  • Internal width, hips: 12″
  • Internal width, shoulders: 12″
  • External width, widest point (at cupholders): 19″
  • External width at bottom, back: 10.5″
  • External width at top, front: 14.5″


  • Forward-facing harnessed seat that converts to a high-back booster
  • EPS foam in headrest
  • Two cupholders
  • Ten headrest/harness positions with no-rethread harness
  • Two-position recline
  • Storage compartment for harness (when in booster mode)

Fit to Vehicle

In my 2014 Honda Civic,

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2nd Row Seating:

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Travel System Review: Baby Jogger City GO Infant Car Seat and City Premier Stroller

Baby Jogger City GO Car Seat and City Premier Stroller Travel System Review

As a mom of five children ranging in age from infant to 11 years old, every now and then something happens to make me realize how much the world of baby products has changed since I first started shopping for my oldest daughter. Case in point: travel systems. Back in the day, it seemed like most moms chose an infant seat and coordinating stroller based largely on the cute pattern. Since I was determined to avoid the “cute pattern” trap, I did some research and ended up buying a car seat frame to cart around my infant car seat, with plans to buy a nicer stroller after the infant car seat was outgrown. The travel system concept, while good in theory, was sorely lacking in execution. Travel system strollers did not have much going for them, and conversely good strollers were not often compatible with infant car seats.

Fast-forward eleven years and the world of car seats, strollers, and yes, travel systems, has changed. The Baby Jogger City GO travel system, consisting of a City GO infant seat and a City Premier stroller, is a prime example of how the travel system concept has evolved in the past decade. Not only is there a lot to love about the travel system components separately, but I also really like how they work together.

Rear facing only car seat: Baby Jogger City GO

The City GO is essentially a rebranded Graco SnugRide 35LX Click Connect. While there are a few differences between the two seats, much of what is written here about the City GO car seat has been taken from Kecia’s review of the Graco SnugRide 35LX Click Connect. Thanks to Kecia for allowing me to appropriate her thorough review!

City GO specs and features
  • Rear-facing only: 4-35 lbs, 32” or less and top of child’s head at least 1” below top of seat
  • No-rethread harness (15 height positions; see photo below)
  • 2 crotch strap/buckle positions
  • Energy-absorbing EPS foam lines entire headrest and sides of shell (see photo below)
  • Adjustable base (6 positions)
  • Lock-off on base for installations using seat belt
  • Push-button LATCH connectors on base
  • Can be installed without base, with traditional or “taxi safe” (AKA “Euro-style”) belt path routing
  • FAA approved for use in an airplane
  • 7 year lifespan before expiration

View from below; note the many harness height settings

View from above with cover removed; note EPS foam on head rest and sides of the seat

View from the side with cover removed and head rest fully extended

The City GO currently comes in three (gray-themed) colors: Black/Gray, Steel Gray, and a darker Charcoal Gray. With a MSRP of $229.99-$249.99, the seat is widely available online, including at Amazon and Babies R Us, and in store at select Buy Buy Baby and specialty baby store locations.


Base compatibility