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February 2018 Carseat Deals, Sales & Coupon Codes

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Select Editors’ Picks:

These carseats may not be on sale right now, but are among our Editor’s Picks and are reader favorites, too. For current deals, please scroll to the next section.

Chicco KeyFit30  

Infant Carseat Deals:

Indicates a CarseatBlog Recommended Carseat 

Britax B-Safe 35 in “Black” for $146.99  

Chicco Fit2 in all fashions for $223.99 ☆ (20% Off) 

Chicco KeyFit 30 “Papyrus” for $159.99 (20% Off)

Graco SnugRide *SnugLock* 35 Elite in “Oakley” (with DLX base) for $164.98  (25% Off) BACK ORDER

Graco SnugRide *SnugLock* 35 XT in “Gotham” for $134.05  (25% Off) LOW STOCK

Graco SnugRide 35 Click Connect in “Gotham” for $115.83 (23% Off) 

Graco SnugRide SnugLock *Extra Base* for $44.99 (25% Off) PRIME ONLY

Graco SnugRide SnugLock DLX *Extra Base* for $51.99 (42% Off) PRIME ONLY

Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air in “Estate” for $110.91 (31% Off) 

Britax Boulevard CT - splash Graco 4Ever -azalea

Convertible & All-in-One Deals:

Indicates a CarseatBlog Recommended Carseat

Britax Advocate ClickTight in Select Fashions from $307.99  (30% Off) 

Britax Boulevard ClickTight in Select Fashions for $265.99 ☆ (30% Off) 

Britax Boulevard ClickTight with Anti-Rebound Bar in “Poole” for $265.99 (35% Off)

Britax Marathon ClickTight in Select Fashions for $237.99 (30% Off) 

Britax ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Accessory for $32.00 (20% Off)

Chicco NextFit ix in all fashions for $239.99  (20% Off)

Chicco NextFit ix Zip in “Traction” for $279.99 ☆ (20% Off)

Chicco NextFit ix Zip in “Spectrum” for $297.49  (15% Off) with code “NOTRADE15” 

Clek Fllo in “Noire” for $299.99 DEAL ENDED

Cosco Scenera NEXT from $34.88 

Evenflo SureRide DLX in “Nicole” for $75.88 (25% Off)

Evenflo Sonus in “Indigo” for $66.99 ☆ 

Evenflo SafeMax Platinum in “Marshall” for $119.99 (50% Off)

Evenflo Platinum Symphony LX in “Sahara” for $127.48 (37% Off) with code “NOTRADE15”

Graco 4Ever All-in-One in “Azalea” for $224.99  (25% Off)

Graco 4Ever All-in-One in “Matrix” for $224.99 ☆ (25% Off)

Graco Contender 65 in “Sapphire” for 107.79  (23% Off)

Graco Extend2Fit in “Solar” for $148.99  (26% Off) 

Graco Size4Me 65 in “Matrix” for $113.90 (37% Off)

Graco Milestone 3-in-1 in “Gotham” for $172.49 (28% Off)

Graco Milestone 3-in-1 in “Ayla” for $172.69 (28% Off)

Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 in “Annabelle” for $172.49  (25% Off)

Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 in “Darcie” for $177.99  (23% Off)

Graco MySize 65 in “Addison” for $121.28 (33% Off) 

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 in select fashions for $212.49  (15% Off)

Safety 1st Continuum in “Hollyhock” for $78.99 (48% Off) PRIME ONLY

Safety 1st Grow and Go in “Harvest Moon” for $107.10 (37% Off) PRIME ONLY

Safety 1st Guide 65 in select fashions from $73.39 (26% Off) 

Britax Frontier CT - kaleidoscope Evenflo Maestro - Keller

Combination Seat Deals:

(Forward-Facing with Harness + Booster) 

Indicates a CarseatBlog Recommended Carseat

Britax Frontier ClickTight in Select Fashions for $237.99  (30% Off)  

Britax Pinnacle ClickTight in Select Fashions for $272.99  (30% Off)  

Britax Pioneer in Select Fashions for $160.99 (30% Off)  

Chicco MyFit in “Fathom” for $169.99 (15% Off) with code “NOTRADE15”

Chicco MyFit in “Gardenia” for $169.99 (15% Off) with code “NOTRADE15”

Graco Atlas in “Glacier” for $110.49  (15% Off) 

Graco Nautilus 65 in “Bravo” for $99.99 ☆ (30% Off)

Graco Nautilus 65 LX from $122.40  (27% Off) SOLD OUT

 Graco Nautilus 80 Elite in “Chili Red” for $152.99 (24% Off)

Harmony Defender for $91.53

Graco Affix Evenflo Amp - blue flames

Booster Deals:

Indicates a CarseatBlog Recommended Carseat

Britax SGL (with LATCH) in “Spade” for $101.99  (36% Off)

Britax SGL (with LATCH) in “Cub Pink” for $87.55 SOLD OUT

Chicco KidFit (with LATCH) for $79.99  (20% Off)

Clek Oobr & Olli in Clearance

Graco Affix in “Grapeade” or “Tangerine” for $53.55 DEAL ENDED

Evenflo Spectrum in various fashions from $54.99   

 Britax travel system  Graco travel system - soho

Travel System Deals:

(Infant Carseat + Stroller)

Baby Jogger City Mini w/ Citi Go infant seat in Black/Gray for $349.99 (37% Off) DEAL ENDED

Britax B-Agile w/ B-Safe 35 Elite in “Cowmooflage” or “Domino” for $328.99 (30% Off) 

Britax 2017 B-Agile w/ B-Safe 35 in “Red,” “Black,” and “Steel” for $299.99 (32% Off) 

Graco Modes 3 Lite Stroller w/ SnugRide 35 in “Addison” for $202.30 (39% Off) PRIME ONLY

Graco Modes 3 Lite Stroller w/ SnugRide 35 in “Banner” for $223.54 (32% Off) PRIME ONLY


Baby Jogger Vue BOB Duallie

Stroller Deals:

Single strollers

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT in Black for $270.93 (25% Off)

GB Pockit Stroller in Black and other select fashions for $179.95 (28% Off)

Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller Frame for $72.44 (28% Off) DEAL ENDED

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Stroller in “Pierce” for $119.00 (37% Off) 

Double Strollers  

* accepts one infant carseat; **accepts two infant carseats; @ requires adapter sold separately

Baby Trend Universal Double Stroller Frame for $75.75 ** (24% Off ) DEAL ENDED

Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller in “Red” for $249.99 (44% Off)

Graco Modes Duo Stroller in “Basin” for $215.90 ** (38% Off)

Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller in “Gotham” for $90.94 * (39% Off)

UPPAbaby G-Link Double Stroller “Ella/Jade” or “Pasqual/Grey” for $399.99 (20% Off) 


Other Baby Gear Deals:

Graco Pack and Play  Fisher Price high chair

Graco Pack ‘N Play with full bassinet in select fashions from $59.99 (25% Off) OUT OF STOCK

Graco Pack ‘N Play with full bassinet & portable changer in “Studio” for $112.33 (14% Off)

Graco Simple Switch Portable High Chair and Booster $61.04 (24% Off) PRIME ONLY

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo $81.50 (22% Off) DEAL ENDED

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Jumperoo in “Woodland Friends” $49.99 (30% Off) DEAL ENDED

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair for $69.00 (31% Off) 

Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard for $55.95 (30% Off)

Winco Unassembled Wooden High Chair in Mahogany for $46.94 OUT OF STOCK



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Last updated 2/20/2018

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Everything We Thought We Knew About Rear-Facing Is Being Questioned

Has the time come to reverse our stance on extended rear-facing and turn children forward-facing at age 1 like we used to in the olden days?

The simple answer, for the moment is, NO.

What’s going on?

Dorel Juvenile Group, the parent company of Safety 1st, Maxi-Cosi, Cosco and other juvenile brands recently issued a position statement on their website explaining why they’ve stepped away from their recent age 2 minimum mandate for forward-facing in their convertible carseats. The short story is that they hired a statistician, Jeya Padmanaban, to replicate the original 2007 study upon which all our assumptions of rear-facing (RF) safety statistics in the USA are based. Not only was Padmanaban unable to replicate the results using the same data set as the original authors of the study, her conclusions actually led to opposite findings. She presented her findings to NHTSA and to the journal Injury Prevention. This prompted some of the original authors of the 2007 study to re-examine their analyses. When their attempts to replicate the analysis also fell short, it became apparent that there were real flaws in the study. Recently, the journal Injury Prevention issued an “Expression of Concern” regarding the original study. From the statement: “Specifically, they believe that survey weights were improperly handled in the initial analysis, which caused the apparent sample size to be larger than the actual sample size. This resulted in inflated statistical significance.” We are currently waiting for the revised study analysis and results to be reviewed and released. We will update this article when that information becomes available.

What do we know at this point?

The anatomy of the developing pediatric cervical spine predisposes children to injury of the upper cervical spine. In general, the younger the child, the more likely an upper cervical spine injury will occur. The neural arches in the pediatric cervical spine fuse posteriorly by 2–3 years of age. Until that time, the vertebrae are made of cartilage and bone and held in place by ligaments; it’s all very pliable and elastic. Traveling in the rear-facing position is inherently safe and is critical for babies less than 1 year old. (Please also read Why Rear-Facing Is Better: Your RF Link Guide, an evidence-based justification for rear-facing.)

Even though the statistics from the 2007 study are being disputed, there is agreement that rear-facing carseats cradle the head, neck, and spine to protect them in frontal and side impact crashes. We know it’s safe from basic physics, an understanding of crash dynamics and results from other countries, like Sweden.

What’s in question?

Since 2007 when the Henary, Sherwood, Crandall, et. al. study was first published, child passenger safety advocates have been told that rear-facing is 500% (or 5 times) safer than forward-facing for children under age 2. Now that statistic appears not to be true, at least not based on the data used in this one study which analyzed injuries to fewer than 300 kids between 1988-2003. Having such a small sample size makes drawing broad conclusions very difficult. Large sample sizes generally result in more accurate and reliable conclusions. We have had our own concerns about the original study and how the “5x safer” figure is presented to parents. We still don’t know exactly how rear-facing compares quantitatively to forward-facing in most situations.

There are other methods, but it can also be difficult to draw broad conclusions from specific case studies or proprietary crash testing done by manufacturers. All of this underscores the need for a more modern crash test sled and better studies on the subject. Modern vehicles simply don’t have a back seat that’s a flat bench seat of a ’70s Chevy Impala with lap-only seat belts and no floor like the standard crash test bench does. Modern vehicles have very different back seat cushions, front seats that crowd the back seat, lap/shoulder seatbelts, and they all have floors too!

What are the risks to a rear-facing child?

Graco TurboBooster Owner’s Manual Recall


turboGraco is recalling over 20,000 TurboBooster seats due to the printed instuctions missing information required by federal standards.  This is NOT a safety defect and according to Graco, “does not affect the overall dynamic performance of the TurboBooster car seat.”  Parents should continue to use an affected TurboBooster as they normally would until Graco sends them the additional instructions.  The concern is that an unoccupied and unsecured booster could be a flying hazard in a crash and strike another occupant.  Simply buckle the booster with the seatbelt when it is not in use to resolve this concern.


According to Graco, models affected were manufactured between December 22, 2015 and April 5, 2016 with the following Model Numbers:

TurboBooster Model Numbers Date of Manufacture Range
1963973 3/8/2016 to 4/2/2016
1963974 12/22/2015 to 3/30/2016
1963975 12/22/2015 to 3/17/2016
1963976 2/17/2016 to 3/24/2016
1967886 1/13/2016 to 4/5/2016
1975173 3/29/2016

Where is the model number?  Look at the bottom of the car seat and locate the white label and note the MODEL NUMBER and DATE OF MANUFACTURE.

From the NHTSA:

Graco Children’s Products Inc. (Graco) is recalling certain Graco TurboBooster booster seats, models 1967886, 1963973, 1963974, 1963975, 1963976, and 1975173, manufactured between December 22, 2015, and April 5, 2016. The instructions for the booster seats are missing the information that the seats should be securely belted to the vehicle at all times, even if the seat is unoccupied. As such, these seats fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 213, “Child Restraint Systems.”


In the event of a vehicle crash, an unoccupied and unsecured child restraint may strike other occupants and cause injury.


Graco will notify registered owners and provide the missing printed instructions, free of charge. Non-registered owners can obtain the missing printed instructions by contacting Graco customer service at 1-800-345-4109. The recall is expected to begin on, or about, June 10, 2016.


Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to

Recaro Recalls Certain ProRide and Performance Ride Convertible Seats


Today Recaro Child Safety announced a recall of convertible seats made between April 9, 2010 and June 9, 2015.  Over 173,000 carseats are affected.  These child restraints do not fully comply with the system integrity requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213. “When the affected child seats are installed using the top tether, the top portion of the restraint can crack and allow the top tether to separate from the restraint. As such, these seats fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213, “Child Restraint Systems.” In the event of a crash, the child restraint could fail to protect the child from contacting interior surfaces of the vehicle, increasing the risk of injury.

Recaro submitted a petition for an exemption of non-compliance in July, 2014, and the NHTSA denied Recaro’s petition in July, 2015, after a public comment period in November, 2014.  “NHTSA’S Decision: In consideration of the foregoing, NHTSA has decided that the ProRIDE and Performance RIDE’s noncompliance poses a risk to safety and is therefore not inconsequential. Recaro has not met its burden of persuasion that the FMVSS No. 213 noncompliance identified in Recaro’s noncompliance information report is inconsequential to motor vehicle safety. Accordingly, Recaro’s petition is hereby denied and Recaro is obligated to provide notification of, and a remedy for, that noncompliance under 49 U.S.C. 30118 and 30120.”  The NHTSA also has recall related information.


Recaro ProRIDE convertible

Recaro ProRIDE convertible

Recaro Performance RIDE convertible

Recaro Performance RIDE convertible

What’s the Fix:

The remedy kit consists of a load limiting strap and instructions on how to install it on your carseat.

If you are a ProRIDE or Performance RIDE owner currently using a now-recalled seat, here’s our advice:

  • If you are using your ProRIDE or Performance RIDE convertible in the rear-facing position – you still need to contact Recaro for the recall fix, but the issue with the tether potentially separating from the shell doesn’t apply in your situation because that’s only a concern when the seat is installed forward-facing.
  • If you are using your ProRIDE or Performance RIDE convertible in the forward-facing position – consider whether or not your child could actually use this seat in the rear-facing position until you are able to obtain the recall fix kit. If your child weighs less than the rear-facing weight limit (which is either 35 or 40 lbs., depending on when your seat was made) and your child has a seated height (measure bottom of tush to top of head) of less than 22.5 inches tall – he or she can still use the seat rear-facing and you avoid the potential issue with the tether.
  • If you are using your ProRIDE or Performance RIDE convertible in the forward-facing position and using it rear-facing isn’t an option, please read Recaro’s statement below:

Recaro USA has issued the following statement:

What You Should Do:

During applicable tests conducted by NHTSA, the dynamic test scores that directly affect the child were still within the limits allowed by the FMVSS 213 standard, hence, you should continue to use your RECARO ProRIDE or Performance RIDE as instructed in your manual. You may check the model number and manufacture date on your child restraint to see if it is affected by this notice. You can find the model number and manufacture date on a white label on the left side of your child restraint. If your model is affected please email or call our customer service team at 1-866-628-4750 to obtain a repair kit. The repair kit will consist of a load limiting strap and instructions on how to install it in a vehicle.

Look for model numbers of 332.01.AK21, 332.01.KAEC, 332.01.KAEG, 332.01.KK91, 332.01.MC11, 332.01.MJ15, 332.01.QA56, 332.01.QA9N, 332.01.QQ11, 332.01.QQ14, 332.01.QQ95, 333.01.CHIL, 333.01.HABB, 333.01.HAZE, 333.01.JEBB, 333.01.JETT, 333.01.KNGT, 333.01.MABB, 333.01.MARI, 333.01.MNGT, 333.01.PLBB, 333.01.PLUM, 333.01.REBB, 333.01.REDD, 333.01.ROBB, 333.01.ROSE, 333.01.SABB, 333.01.SAPH, 333.01.SLBB, 333.01.SLTE, 333.01.VIBB, 333.01.VIBE and manufacturing dates between April 9, 2010 – June 9, 2015.

You can also order a fix kit directly by visiting Please be prepared to enter your model number and manufacture date of your child restraint.