Target’s Carseat Trade-In Event

September 2020 Carseat Trade-In Events

While we’ve been stuck inside because of COVID-19, our kids have been outgrowing their carseats. We hate to throw them out and have them sit for eons in a landfill and most towns and cities don’t have recycling programs for carseats*. When you’ve been in a crash, many carseat manufacturers want the carseat to be replaced, whether or not it was occupied during the crash. Crash forces can do damage to the plastic we can’t see and engineers design carseats to absorb forces, just like our vehicles have crumple zones to mitigate, or lessen, crash forces.

*Some cities do have recycling drop-off locations, and Clek has a recycling program for their carseats and price is determined by seat.

Many of us are left to throw out carseats when they expire or they’re crashed or we’re otherwise through with them—until trade-in events started. Babies R Us started the trend in 2010, partly to get recalled items out of circulation, and Target got in on the fun in 2016. Last fall, Walmart joined in to offer discounts to those of us who wanted to ditch some seats for some coupons, but discontinued it quickly when everyone with a carseat took advantage of the great deal they were offering. Unfortunately, they’re not running the event this year.

Target Carseat Trade-In Event (September 13-26, 2020)

To celebrate Baby Safety Month, from Tuesday, September 13-26, 2020, Target will have a large box at the front of the store where you can place your carseat. They can be expired, damaged, or recalled. All carseats will be recycled by the Waste Management company. Target claims to have recycled over 14.4 million pounds of carseats in the 4 years they’ve had this program with the Waste Management company. Way to go, everyone!

What do they take:
  • Rear-facing only infant seats (bases-only have been allowed in the past)
  • Convertible seats
  • All-in-ones
  • Harness-to-boosters (combination) seats
  • Belt-positioning boosters
What do they give you:
  • A coupon for 20% off a new carseat, stroller, or select baby gear for each seat turned in

The coupon is valid through Saturday, October 3, 2020, and the code can be used in app if the brick and mortar store doesn’t have your preferred item.

Target, due to the pandemic, now has you using their Target app so everything is contactless. Download the app before you leave home to save time, if you don’t already have it (and your Target REDcard loaded into it for easy spending!).

Here’s what you do:
  1. When you get to the store, place your carseat in the big box at the front of the store.
  2. Open the Target app and scan the code on the box. If there’s a problem, talk to a team member in Guest Services.
  3. Open your Wallet in the Target app and tap on “Extra offers.” You’ll see your coupon there plus any others.
  4. Tap the green checkmark next to the offer. You can either place an online order or scan the barcode at the register (don’t forget to do this!).

Will they actually give you 1 coupon per carseat turned in if you have a bunch of carseats? Yes. You can only receive one coupon per Target Circle account. Because it’s in your app, you can’t share the coupon with anyone.

Can I combine/stack coupons?

You can only use one (1) 20% off coupon per carseat or baby gear purchase, but you can stack the coupon with other discounts like Target Circle and the 5% discount you get when you use your Target REDcard. If you’re purchasing something that’s on a registry, buy the item through the registry if you want to use your registry coupon too.

Once you have your coupon, use it fast. For the last several trade-in events, carseat stock has been low and sold out fast so it pays to do your research now and be ready to use that 20% off since Target won’t issue rainchecks. Amazon generally does lower its prices at this time, but there are Target-exclusive fashions, especially with Graco products. If you prefer to use your computer to shop instead of the app, fill your online cart, then give customer service a call and they’ll help you apply your 20% off coupon before you click the “I’m ready to check out” button.

Check out our Recommended Carseats List and our Reviews. Also, don’t forget to check out our Deals page: we may have a better deal listed than you’d find, even with a coupon. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions in the comments or on our Facebook page! Please share if you find this helpful!


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