2023 April Target Car Seat Trade-In Event

♻️ April 2024 Target Car Seat Recycling Trade-In Event FAQ: Everything You Need to Know ♻️
Updated July 15, 2023

We have sad news to report 😭😭😭. Target announced they are not hosting their Carseat Trade-In Event this September in conjunction with Baby Safety Month. It’s an expensive event and they are committed to running it once a year in April, so look for it then. In the meantime, if you have a carseat you need to dispose of because it’s either expired or been in a crash, you can try to recycle it if there’s a program near you or cut the straps and cover up, put it in a trash bag, and throw it away in a trash container (please don’t leave it on the side of the road like my neighbors do!).

We’ll be sure to let you know next March when Target announces the dates for the April 2024 Trade-In Event!

Just take me to the DEALS—I’m ready to SHOP! 🤑

Get ready, get set . . . Go! The Target Carseat Trade-in Event is HERE so run with your carseats to Target. Target has taken the “What do I do with this outgrown/crashed carseat?” problem and solved it for us, but we have LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to drop them off and be rewarded with a coupon (ah, bless the Target gods).

Did you know most towns and cities don’t have recycling programs for carseats*? When you’ve been in a crash, many carseat manufacturers want the carseat to be replaced, whether or not it was occupied during the crash. Crash forces can do damage to the plastic we can’t see, and engineers design carseats to absorb forces, just like our vehicles have crumple zones to mitigate or lessen, crash forces.

*Some cities do have recycling drop-off locations, and Clek has a recycling program for their carseats and price is determined by seat.

Before there were trade-in events, most of us had very few choices besides throwing out the carseat when it was expired or if it had been involved in a crash. Babies R Us started the trade-in trend in 2010, partly to get recalled items out of circulation, and Target got in on the fun in 2016. Walmart joined in once to offer discounts to those who wanted to ditch some seats for coupons, but discontinued their trade-in event early when everyone with a carseat took advantage of the great deal they were offering. Unfortunately, Walmart is not running a trade-in event this year to our knowledge.

Next Target Carseat Trade-In Event (April 2024?)

From April 16-29, 2023, Target will have a large box at the front of the store where you can place your carseat. The seat can be expired, damaged, or recalled. Or it can be perfectly fine and you just don’t need it anymore. All carseats will be recycled by the Waste Management company. Target claims to have recycled over 32.9 million pounds of carseats in the 7 years they’ve had this program with the Waste Management company. Way to go, everyone!

What they take:
  • Rear-facing only infant seats
  • Infant seat bases
  • Convertible seats
  • All-in-ones
  • Harness-to-boosters (combination) seats
  • Belt-positioning boosters (highback and backless)
What they give you:
  • A coupon for 20% off a new carseat, stroller, or select baby gear (playards, high chairs, swings, rockers, or bouncers) for each seat turned in, which can be redeemed TWICE

The coupon is valid until May 13, 2023 and the code can be used in-app if the brick and mortar store doesn’t have your preferred item.

Target now has you using their Target Circle app so everything is contactless. Download the app before you leave home to save time, if you don’t already have it (and your Target REDcard loaded into it for easy spending!).

What to do and tips for success:
  1. Plan to drop off your carseat and buy your new one early! Supplies may be limited in-store, though you can use the Target app right there to buy online (yes, thanks, Target, for taking more of my money as I’m walking your aisles!).
  2. You don’t have to cut any straps or take off any covers. Conversely, if your seat doesn’t have a cover, that’s OK too!
  3. When you get to the store, place your carseat in the big box at the front of the store*.
  4. Open the Target app and scan the code on the box. If there’s a problem, talk to a team member in Guest Services.
  5. Open your Wallet in the Target app and tap on “Extra offers.” You’ll see your coupon there plus any others.
  6. Tap the red + next to the offer. You can either place an online order or scan the barcode at the register (don’t forget to do this!).

*You may want to call your Target first to see if they’re participating before you drive there. In the past, some didn’t participate at all.

Will they actually give you 1 coupon per carseat turned in if you have a bunch of carseats? Yes. You can only receive one coupon per Target Circle account, though some cashiers may give you credit for an extra turned in carseat. You can, however, use 1 coupon for 2 carseats 🙌. Because it’s in your app, you can’t share the coupon with anyone.

Can I combine/stack coupons?

You can only use one (1) 20% off coupon per carseat or baby gear purchase, but you can stack the coupon with other discounts like Target Circle and the 5% discount you get when you use your Target REDcard. If you’re purchasing something that’s on a registry, buy the item through the registry if you want to use your registry coupon too. You can redeem the coupon twice, however.

Once you have your coupon, use it fast. For the last several trade-in events, carseat stock has been low and sold out fast so it pays to do your research now and be ready to use that 20% off since Target won’t issue rainchecks. Amazon generally does lower its prices at this time, but there are Target-exclusive fashions, especially with Graco products. If you prefer to use your computer to shop instead of the app, fill your online cart, then give customer service a call and they’ll help you apply your 20% off coupon before you click the “I’m ready to check out” button.

Are there restrictions?

There may be some restrictions, usually brand-based. You can find out about the current restrictions here. The hot new stroller wagons are not included in those restrictions, so check out the links below for the deals.

The biggest question we get asked? Will Walmart do a trade-in event?

No. That was a one-and-done fiasco of an event back in September 2019. *We* loved it; *Walmart* got screwed 😆 so they aren’t participating again. Maybe we can dream about them coming back in the future . . .

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Target Car Seat Deals

We’ll post Car Seat Deals HERE when they happen! Please note these are affiliate links*.


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