ABC Show 2023 Day 3


Here we are: the 2023 ABC Kids Expo is in the rear view mirror, booths are packed up, and life is back to normal. Ha! It was great seeing friends again after so long, seeing carseats I’ve only seen online and seeing new carseats coming to market soon (😉), and feeling the electricity in the air of a trade show—they’re fun!

I’ll show you what I saw on the final day and talk about what’s trending.


Cloud G/Cloud G Lux (watch for our review coming very soon!)

  • $399.95/$449.95
  • Outside the vehicle, has a full recline and extended leg rest position
  • Rigid LATCH installation
  • Built-in airflow channels in shell
  • Linear Side Impact (LSP)
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Lux version features load leg, SensorSafe chest clip, and airflow vents in canopy

Aton G Swivel

  • $399
  • 4-35 lbs, 17-32″
  • Swivels! Rear-facing only infant seat
  • 11 position no-rethread harness
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Standard LATCH (so, on a strap)
  • Euro belt routing
  • Static LSP, so caregiver doesn’t have to pull it open and close it
  • Built-in airflow channels in shell
  • Additional bases available for $269; compatible with regular Aton G base $119
  • Fashions all FR free
  • Coming June/July 2023

Aton G

  • $249
  • 4-35 lbs, 17-32″
  • RFO infant seat (it’s the same as Aton G Swivel)
  • 11 position no-rethread harness
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Standard LATCH (so, on a strap)
  • Euro belt routing
  • Static LSP, so caregiver doesn’t have to pull it open and close it
  • Built-in airflow channels in shell
  • Additional bases available for $119; compatible with swivel base $269
  • Fashions all FR free
  • Coming soon (May)!

  • $990 pre-order/$1190 reg
  • 4-55 lbs RF, 26.5-65 lbs. FF
  • No-rethread harness
  • Magnetic chest clip
  • Load leg and anti-rebound bar
  • Rigid LATCH
  • Top (ARB) opens as you install base to reveal SafeCoil steel coil windows
  • SafeCoil steel coils are tightly wound and release energy upon expansion during crash
    • See comparison before/after pic below
  • Carbon fiber and steel core
  • App instructs you in real-time step-by-step how to install base
  • 3 types of foam, including D30 which is used in the protective gear of top athletes, race car drivers, and frontline military personnel
  • Zip off, FR free fashions
  • Coming early July!

  • Boosters shown:
    • Red: Monterey 5 iST $269.99
    • Yellow: Monterey 4DXT $199.99
    • Purple: Monterey 2XT $159.99
  • 5 iST folds for easy carry through airports and can be stored in an overhead compartment in a commercial plane
  • The 4DXT has added side impact improvements over the 2XT and breathable side panels

  • All-in-ones all Radian-based
    • 4-50 lbs RF, 22-65 lbs FF, 40-120 lbs booster
    • Rollover and Euro SIP tested
    • Booster shoulder belt guide on headrest
  • Purple|Navy: 3R SafePlus $249.99
    • Entry-level model
  • Blue|Red (middle): 3RXT SafePlus $349.99
    • Adds ARB, cup holder, infant insert, memory foam harness pads
  • Grays: 3QXT+ $529.99
    • Top of the line, adds newborn harness pads & reg harness pads, Ultra Mat Seat Mat in box ($29.99 value), footrest ARB, side impact pod

WonderFold and Larktale

Stroller Wagons

  • WonderFold VW4 Bus $1599
  • WonderFold W4 Luxe $899
  • Larktale Sprout single-to-double $699.99
  • Larktale Caravan Coupe $499.99

Safety 1st

Summit Wagon Stroller $299.99

Carseat and Baby Gear Trends

There are some definite trends happening, which is fun to watch. Darren, Kecia, and I have been in the carseat world for literally decades now and it’s fun to watch what manufacturers design and how the general public pushes for change. The first trend was rear-facing carseats to 40 lbs. I know, I know. Then came the higher weight limit carseats with forward-facing weight limits to 65 lbs and higher—but that took longer because it’s hard to engineer it. Along the way were minor developments like no-rethread harnesses, lockoffs, belt tensioners, etc. This year . . .

Rotating/swiveling carseats, obviously! Not every manufacturer has one or may have plans to design one. But these carseats have hit the US and Canadian market and have made their presence known! Now we’re seeing revolving rear-facing only infant seats (and for the love of all things chocolate can we decide on a standardized industry term for these rotating/revolving/swiveling things so we don’t have to keep using all 3?).

Why do I need a revolving infant seat, you ask yourself? That thought went through my mind as well.

  • You may want to leave the carrier behind and baby wear as you go for a walk at your location, such as a mall or outdoor trail
  • You have an older/heavier child that still fits in the RFO seat and want to leave the carrier behind in the car as you would a convertible/all-in-one
  • I’m sure there are others!

If you’re looking for a rotating convertible or all-in-one carseat, we’ve got you covered! Check out our Rotating Carseats Comparison article and as the infant seats hit the market, we’ll work on an article for those too.

Another huge trend is wagons. OK, so not technically carseats, but carseats and strollers go hand-in-hand, so we check them out as we tour the show floor and wagons are everywhere in all price points! I won’t claim to be a stroller/wagon expert, but from what I saw represented at the show, if you want a wagon that goes off-road, the BOB Renegade is the sturdiest. If you’re cruising around town and want something eye-catching, the WonderFold VW Bus (see above) is so cute! And of course, all the wagons in between are great at hauling your kids, stuff, and drinks in the adult cup holders.

What do you think of these trends? Are they here to last? Will you jump on board and buy a revolving carseat and/or wagon instead of a stroller?

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