ABC Show 2023 Day 2


I made it back for day 2 of the 2023 ABC Kids Expo. It was a miracle. I accidentally double-booked myself in the morning, so getting down to the show was a challenge (did you know that Las Vegas locals don’t live on the Strip? 😆). Onward.


Car Seat & Stroller

  • $550 Core/$650 Midnight
  • If it’s not the price above with Doona labeling on the handle hub, it’s fake

Liki Trike

  • $250 S3/$300 S5/$350 Midnight
  • Folding trike
  • Cup holder on all 3 models


  • $99
  • Senses when there’s a child in a carseat
  • Sends a message to you when child is left in seat for longer than 10 min
  • Calls your phone if you don’t respond to message
  • Third alert sends a call and text message to up to 4 other emergency contacts
  • Tested with other brand carseats, but not yet approved by those manufacturers for its use


Willow RFO Infant Seat

  • $449.99/$599.99 CAD
  • Sold only with Brook stroller to form Willow Brook Travel System
  • 4-30 lbs, 32″ or less
  • About 17″ wide
  • New ClickTight system on Aspen and Alpine bases: different than the other CT we’ve come to know and love; you leave the seat belt really loose with this CT
  • RightSize harness customizes fit for babies, including through hips (3 hip slots)
  • Euro belt guide
  • Beautiful fashions: Graphite Glacier, Navy Glacier, Onyx Glacier

Willow S RFO Infant Seat

  • $249.99/$379.99 CAD
  • Available as a standalone carseat
  • Has extended sun visor
  • Same as Willow, except instead of having the Aspen base, it has the Alpine base (After having been to the Alps last year, I can assure you that while Aspens are nice as trees, nothing compares to the Alps. Having said that, the Alpine base has more features ☝️.)
    • Alpine base has an anti-rebound bar
  • Euro belt guide
  • Beautiful fashions: Graphite Onyx, Jade Onyx, Glacier Onyx, Ruby Onyx

Poplar Convertible (RF & FF)

  • $299.99
  • 5-50 lbs RF, 22-65 lbs FF, 49″
  • ClickTight panel just like One4Life
  • 2 optional cup holders
  • Bottom pillow to 22 lbs
  • 17″ wide!!!
  • Smooth recline
  • Anti-rebound bar (ARB) available (connects like One4Life)
  • FR free fashions: Magenta Onyx, Cobalt Onyx, Glacier Graphite
  • Coming late Summer/early Fall 2023

Poplar S Convertible (RF & FF)

  • $349.99
  • 5-50 lbs RF, 22-65 lbs FF, 49″
  • ClickTight panel just like One4Life
  • 2 optional cup holders
  • Bottom pillow to 22 lbs; back positioning pillow, optional, allowed only RF; head pillow optional
  • 17″ wide!!!
  • Smooth recline
  • Comes with anti-rebound bar (ARB)
  • FR free fashions: Stone Onyx, Sand Onyx, Ruby Onyx
  • Coming late Summer/early Fall 2023

Here’s Britax CPS Advocate Sarah telling us all the features of the Poplar and Poplar S:


New fashions!


Renegade Wagon

  • $649.99/$749.99 w/canopies
  • Fits 3 kids, 55 lbs each
  • Push or pull
  • Snack tray attaches in middle or on double end
  • 2 adult cup holders included
  • Canopy kit is available for purchase


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