4Moms had a big unveiling of their new infant seat, to be released at the end of 2014. 4Moms is known as the high-tech company where its products make life easier for parents by folding and unfolding by themselves; for instance, their Origami stroller folds at the push of a button. The new infant seat, unveiled at a press event today at the ABC Show installs itself, self-levels, and verifies the install before each ride. It has a no re-thread harness and side impact protection.

Because this is a *very* EARLY prototype, 4Moms is still working on practically everything on the seat. Preliminarily, the infant seat has a weight limit of 4-22 lbs. Price point hasn’t been decided yet, but will be $$$$.

4momscarseatback 4momscarseatside

4momscarseattop 4momsinfant