ABC Kids Expo 2015 – Graco Extend2Fit Convertible (Shut Up and Take My Money) Preview


Extend-to-Fit front

Update: Please read our Graco Extend2Fit REVIEW

One of the most eagerly anticipated seats at the ABC Kids Expo this year is Graco’s Extend2Fit convertible. What sets this seat apart is an innovative leg rest/seat extender that gives rear-facing children more legroom. Although we know that bent legs don’t pose a safety hazard, and we know that kids tend to be little contortionists, lots of parents worry that their kids look uncomfortable rear-facing and use squished legs as a reason to turn kids forward-facing, often before they should. Graco hopes to combat that worry with the Extend2Fit.

The seat we saw was a prototype so the soft goods and some other aspects might change a bit, but we liked what we saw.

The details:

  • 4-50 lbs. rear-facing
  • 22-65 lbs. and 49″ or less forward-facing
  • Infant insert
  • 10-position harness height, maxing out at 18 inches
  • 6-position recline (3 positions for forward-facing; 3 for rear-facing)
  • 17″ seat depth with panel extended
  • Steel reinforced shell
  • 10-year expiration

We were concerned that the Extend2Fit’s expandable seating area might cause the seat to take up an excessive amount of room in the car, but I don’t think that will be a problem. When we put the seat in the most upright rear-facing position and extended the panel, the seat took up only about 28″. Graco said they’ve done extensive fit-to-vehicle testing and found that in most cases, an average-sized man should be able to sit comfortably in the front seat.

Extend-to-fit smallest size Extend-to-Fit largest size

With a tall shell and a 50-lb rear-facing weight limit, this looks like it will be a great fit for larger rear-facing kids, yet it should still fit newborns well, too. Here’s Romeo modeling:


The seat will be available in three colors, plus there will be retailer-specific fashions. The Extend2Fit should be shipping in November and should hit stores in January. Retail price is expected to be $199.


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