ABC Expo 2013: Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest


At the ABC Show in October, we saw a product we saw in prototype form at the 2012 ABC Show. We thought it was a great idea back then and we still think it’s a great idea now. It reminds me of my old Dream Wings; perhaps those of you who have been around for a while remember those being sold in Skymall and One Step Ahead.

Anyway, the Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest is for kiddos in backless boosters (ahem, or adults) who would like head support while sleeping. A bonus is that it helps keep these same boostered kids from becoming limp noodles in their boosters when they fall asleep. The wings attach securely to the vehicle’s head restraint poles with hooks and star knobs and can be adjusted up or down to fit a person of any size. They can also be rotated up and out of the way for daily use. Here’s a video of the headrest in use.


For more information, see the Cardiff website at The Booster Seat Headrest retails for $49.99 and is available on Amazon.



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