Combi Shuttle 33 Infant Carseat Unboxing & Preview


The Combi Shuttle 33 is the newest version of the original Combi Shuttle model.  This new model has increased weight and height limits and is compatible with almost all  2009 & 2010 Combi 3-Second Fold Strollers (CosmoFlare, Flash EX, Saavy & Twin Sport which can accept ONE Shuttle 33). The exception is the Coccoro Flash stroller frame which can only accept the Combi Coccoro convertible seat. 

The Shuttle 33 has no listed minimum weight or height limit  – the labels and instruction manual state that this seat is for children who weight 33 lbs or less, whose height is 33″ or less and the top of the head is at least 1″ below top of headrest.  It also has an anti-rebound bar built into the carrier which is a nice, premium feature not found on many other infant carseat models.  One particular quirk of this seat is that the base MUST be used if the child weighs more than 22 lbs.  For children under 22 lbs, you have the option of installing the carrier without the base.   

Stay tuned – a full review will be coming sometime in the next few weeks!  Right now it’s the “busy season” around here with sports activities for both boys, teaching CPS Technician Certification Courses and lots of check events keeping me really, really busy.  I apologize for the unboxing video being in 2 parts but my memory stick ran out before I could finish!  LOL!

The Complete Shuttle 33 Review is now posted HERE!


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