ABC Show 2023 Day 1


It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since we’ve been to an ABC Kids Expo. That’s a long time in kid years. That’s a kid being born and going to kindergarten long time! Well, here we are, or shall I say, here I am. It’s in my home town again and the show is relatively small compared to prior years, so it’s just me covering it for CSB. Let’s jump in. BTW, this is a recap of what I shared on our Instagram account (follow us @carseatblog!). Did I mention I’m 5 years older and it’s just one of me here at the show?

Peg Perego

Primo Viaggio All in One

  • 5-50 lbs, 22-65 lbs, 40-120 lbs
  • ARB
  • Kinetic pods on shell
  • Already available in Canada
  • Expected in US in Fall 2023

Urban Mobility

  • $300
  • 4-35 lbs, up to 32”
  • Baseless
  • Built-in LATCH
  • Nido shell; compatible with Nido base
  • Kinetic pods on shell
  • Coming Fall 2023
  • Euro version pictured. US version will have chest clip.

Primo Viaggio Convertible Kinetic (This isn’t a new seat, but I wanted to highlight it for its fashion)

  • $399.99
  • 5-45 lbs, 22-65 lbs
  • ARB
  • Kinetic pods on shell
  • Mon Amour fashion isn’t as pink as it appears in online pics. It’s much more muted and sophisticated, as you expect from Peg.

Dorel (Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st)

Maxi-Cosi Peri 180°

  • $399
  • 4-30 lbs, up to 32”
  • Rotating! Rear-facing only infant seat
  • Lightweight carrier—under 7 lbs.
  • Base has load leg and ARB and TensionFix™️, which shows you when the base is installed tightly enough
  • Shell has ClimaFlow™️ venting technology, which aids in keeping your child cooler
  • Base is designed with a lock to keep it from rotating into forward-facing position
  • There are visual rotation “lock” windows on the base
  • No Euro belt routing for baseless installation at this time (🤞 for future versions, and keep in mind this is a prototype!)
  • Coming Fall 2023

Maxi-Cosi Pria Chill

  • $399
  • 4-40 lbs RF, 22-65 lbs. FF, 40-100 lbs. booster
  • Fans in the shell draw air out from behind the child’s back, making them cooler by 7-10°
  • Fans turn on automatically when air temp sensors reach 72°
  • Mesh cover also aids in air flow
  • Plugs into vehicle’s 12-volt outlet
  • Blue light in headrest handle shows when fans are active
  • This is a Pria with fans 😃
  • Coming June 2023

Safety 1st is slowly rebranding to Safety First. You’ll see this more later in Q3 and Q4, especially in carseats.

Safety 1st Boost N Go

  • $129 with a scaled back version at Walmart for $99
  • Combination forward-facing only harness-to-booster seat
  • Onboard harness storage
  • 16.5″ top harness slot/18.5″ top shoulder belt guide

Safety 1st EverSlim (Target/Walmart) | Safety 1st SlimRide (Walmart)

  • $199 EverSlim; $169 SlimRide
  • 4-in-1: RF, FF, highback booster, backless booster (it’s truly ingenious how they make the backless portion of the booster remove from the rest of the seat and work)
  • 5-40 lbs RF, 22-65 lbs FF, 40-100 lbs booster
  • Narrow 17″ at torso for 3-across
  • 17.5″ top harness slot/18.5″ top shoulder belt guide
  • 10 headrest positions
  • SecureTech™️ magnetic chest clip on $199 EverSlim models
  • Machine washable/dryable fabric


New fashion—Noa (Did you know that all fashions are named after the children of UPPAbaby employees?)! FR free wool, of course. Here’s a pic on a Knox to show what it looks like (blue on the left).

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