ABC Expo 2013: New Diono & Little Tikes Boosters




We already covered Diono’s new line of convertibles in a previous blog. Now for info on their new boosters.

Diono is adding two new boosters to its lineup to join the existing Monterey and Santa Fe. These new boosters will have a slightly lower price-point and are made of blow-molded plastic. Diono has included strategic air pockets and interior ribbing to make the blow-molded seats stronger and more reinforced in a crash, improving their performance.

The Cambria is the new high-back booster, and will be rated for 40-120 lbs. It has lower LATCH attachments and swivel-out cupholders/snack trays on both sides. It has six height positions (versus the Monterey’s 11), and will retail for about $99.99.

New Diono Booster - Cambria  New Diono Boosters


The new backless booster is called the Solana. It also features LATCH attachments and swivel-out cupholders/snack trays, and it will also have a 40-lb minimum. Retail price is about $39.99.

Diono Booster  Diono Booster


Diono expects the boosters to be available in the US and Canada around the end of this year.

The other news in Diono boosters is that the company has purchased a license to brand booster seats under the Little Tikes name. Although Little Tikes is often considered a company for infants and toddlers, they are beginning to focus on products for the 5+ age group, so the boosters will be geared in that direction.

The line will include backless and high-back boosters in bright primary colors. The seats are unique from Diono’s existing line of booster seats and will retail for $19.99-$59.99. Little Tikes boosters are expected in 2014 and will also be marketed in Canada.

Little Tikes Boosters  Little Tikes Boosters

Little Tikes Highback Booster Measurement  Little Tikes Highback Booster Measurement

Little Tikes Highback Booster  Little Tikes Highback Booster

Little Tikes Backless Booster  Little Tikes Backless Booster

Little Tikes Backless Boosters



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