ABC Kids: The Teasers


Peg Perego SwitchWell, I have the photos now, but Heather still has the notes, so I can’t give up all the goods yet.  I feel like I need to beg her to send me a copy of the notes before the big test!  Plus, we need to stretch this Expo out into a good 2 weeks of blogs and giveaways lol!

Still, I can’t leave everyone with nothing new for today, so I will leave you with some photos of a few new products that are coming soon.  I believe most are first quarter 2009 releases, but we will have to wait for Heather to know for sure.  She also has more details on features, release dates, pricing, fabric cover names, etc.  Yet again, please note that most of the products shown are prototypes.  That means some may have been manually put together from parts that don’t have the final color or finish.  Stitching may be loose, parts may not fit quite right, pieces may be missing, etc.  You can be pretty sure they are close to the final version since they are being shown to buyers, but small changes are likely to be made before release.  If Heather notes something is coming this month, then we probably saw a production version instead!

Sunshine Kids Radian XTSunshine Kids Radian XTFirst up, the Sunshine Kids Radian XT.  All Radians (including the 65 and 80) are getting a removable harness system, improved side impact structure, an improved base and a slightly revised shell (with smoother edges and bottom grips) to go with a larger chest clip that will also be phased in very soon.  The XT will come later and adds some new fabrics and an adjustable head restraint.


First Years True Fit 670First Years True Fit 650Next is Learning Curve’s First Years (Formerly Compass Baby) True Fit.  A couple new versions are being added.  First, the 650 adds a front bubble recline indicator and a recline adjustment foot that pivots for forward and rear-facing.  The 670 replaces the foot with an anti-rebound “bar”, the only one on a convertible seat in the USA!  They claim the crash test performance is superior to a rear-facing tether because it absorbs more energy and reduces forces on the occupant.  We got to see this in some crash test photos.  It looks like a great safety innovation!

Combi is releasing a new convertible seat called the Coccoro.  It’s very stylish and has the usual Combi assortment of built-in lockoffs.  The advantage of this one is not superior harness weight limits or the ability to fit tall 6-year olds.  This one is designed to accommodate the growing market of Mini Coopers, Honda Fits, Nissan Versas and other small cars.  They claim you can fit 3-across in a Toyota Corolla (shown here) and still leave more legroom for the driver than many other models!  The middle seat is on a small hump and I don’t think it was tightly installed for the photos, sorry!  (Apologies to Ed and Pam if I broke an EPS insert on one of the Cocorro prototypes.  Doh!).  Oh, and for those of you who really like the Zeus Turn but want a higher rear-facing weight limit; your wish will soon be granted!  The ZT should have a 30 pound or higher rear-facing limit by early 2009!

Graco is introducing the Snugride 32.  It’s the evolution of the Safe Seat Step 1.  The Safe Seat lineup will be phased out, though the models may remain with small revisions and new product names.  The current Snugride models will also remain alongside the SnugRide 32, with all the variations found from retailer to retailer.

That’s all for now.   There’s lots more full size photos of the carseats above and others, too!  Plus, Heather will fill us in on today’s events and fine details from the last 2 days as well!  Then, we’ll add some stuff on strollers, travel systems and other baby gear!

The ABC Kids show was overwhelming.  It’s like football field after football field packed full of baby and kids stuff and then there’s another level one floor up!  Just aisles and endless aisles of everything for kids that you can imagine over like 1 million square feet of exhibit space.  I bet I browsed maybe 20% of it over the 12 hours I had at the show.  You really need the full 6 whole days to take it all in.  This show isn’t for everyone, though.  Heck, even I almost broke down and said I needed another baby so I could buy some more stuff!

We hope to receive samples for review, evaluation and training of many of the products we discuss.  So, as soon as they are in production and shipping and we are able to get one, we’ll post a full review!  Maybe we can beg and plead to acquire some giveaways for our readers, too:-)


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