First Look at the New Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Carseat!!! (Video Review)


So, I’m crazy late for my camping trip to PA with the kids and I’m sure that I’ll be pitching our tent in the dark tonight but who cares!  The Britax Marathon 70 is here and there was no way I could leave after I saw the UPS truck pull up as I was literally backing the van out of my driveway.  I promise more info, measurements, installation comments, etc., when I return on Monday.  I hope this is enough to tide you over until then.  Oh, and while I was waiting for youtube to load the video – I skimmed through the instruction manual and discovered:

  • There are now 3 recline positions (fully reclined #3 position MUST be used when the seat is installed rear-facing)
  • The harness height can be adjusted from the front of the seat without un-installing it. Very nice! You just squeeze a lever at the top of the adjustable head restraint and voila – it moves up and down!

Check out Part I and Part II of the MA70 Review which are now posted!


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