Make Your Own PSA


We’ve had some famous PSAs on tv: the “Crying Indian,” “This is your brain on drugs,” Smokey the Bear, and any of the “The More You Know” Crying IndianPSAs shown on NBC.  They’re memorable because they’re either catchy or show an important message that touches people’s hearts.

If you could make your own CPS PSA, what would your topic be?  And what would you do?  Budget is no object so you can have any director you want, any set you want.

Would you emphasize extended rear-facing?  Is your cause extended harnessing?  Or are you a booster “booster?”  What would your goal be—to raise awareness, educate, or raise money to fund purchases of seats?

Hit us with your best ideas!


  1. Heather (murphydog77) December 16, 2009
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