A sad day


It’s nothing like the Cosco Touriva becoming the Scenera or the Safety 1st Uptown becoming the Avenue or even the Britax Freeway evolving into the Expressway.

It’s the demise of my favorite childhood treat.  Orange, lime or sometimes even grape.  When I was older, there seemed to be dozens of flavors and you could even get it as a “Freeze” with ice cream blended into it.  Not for my kids, the Mister Misty at Dairy Queen is no more.

I probably failed to notice that it happened years ago because we always seem to get Blizzards these days.  Yesterday, I picked up my son from his day camp and he was hot and sweaty from playing outside.  Perfect time for a Mister Misty!  I told them all in the car they could pick a flavor and decide if they wanted a Freeze or not, but that was their only option.  No Blizzards, cones or bars today!

No such sharing of my favorite with my kids.  I was told they could get an “Arctic Blast” instead, in a choice of 6 flavors.  They could even add ice cream and make it like a Freeze or a float if I wanted.  That sure is a nice consolation.  Even the sporty, clear plastic cup with the Arctic Rush logo lost the classic appeal of the standard cardboard Dairy Queen cup from years past.  I asked the manager who was serving me.  Turns out it’s the same old stuff with a new name and new packaging.  Even so, it’s not really the same. 

One thing I do know.  And something the brilliant marketers at Dairy Queen should know.  A Slurpee is still a Slurpee, even after 40 years.

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  1. Amy August 13, 2008