Yesterday I was going through a storage box of misc CPS items searching for something and I realized that I have quite the collection of LBB shoulder belt adjuster straps.  I thought it might be fun to play a “guess the strap” game.  Unfortunately, I have nothing of value to offer the person who guesses them all correctly (unless they need one of these straps – LOL) so this game is just for fun.  And that’s assuming there are others who actually think weird stuff like this is “fun”.  Who knows, maybe I’m the only one and I really need to be banished to my own little Island of Misfit CPS Geeks.  But I digress….

To be fair, if the adjuster was marked anywhere with the name of the CR manufacturer – I’ve noted that on the sticky.   Some of them are pretty easy to guess and others are not.  You should be able to click on the pic for a better view.  Good luck!