Not Solving the Seat Belt Problem at Schools


So much time spent educating.  Three events scheduled at my kids’ school to stop vehicles and assess whether kids were buckled up in the back seat.  Education and positive reinforcement passed along.  Three events evidently worth nothing.  I try not to get too jaded: despite my Type A personality, I have a very much live and let live philosophy of life.  However, when I’ve spent so much of my time educating my peers and my kids’ friends on the dangers of sitting in the front seat and not wearing seat belts, I get mad.  Did they not learn anything?

Every morning and afternoon, I see kids in the front seat, some with seat belts, some without.  If they don’t have their seat belts on, it’s because they have their backpacks on.  I’m sure they’re in the front seat because their parents are driving them to school from their houses just 2-3 blocks away from school.  Mmmm hmmm, that close.  Mind you, I’m not throwing stones.  We don’t live that close, but *I’m* not one that gets going very quickly in the morning and neither is my daughter, so even if we did live that close to school, I’m sure we’d be eating breakfast on the way, lol.  But still.  It’s close enough that if they were to smash that pretty little car into the back of that soccermommobile, the airbag would go off and the consequences would be quite dire.  Or even better yet, the 3 row mongo SUV where the carpool mom piles everyone into the first 2 rows because it’s too hard to get into the 3rd row.  Uh oh, I think I’m getting jaded.

I wonder what causes these parents are into-what could I do that would make them see the error of their ways?  Let’s see.  Starbucks club?  Oh, I could order a Café au Lait with breast milk please.  Hahahaha!  Seriously, I just don’t get why people hold their kids’ safety in their hands-something they control so easily-and throw it away.  I guess it will take a tragedy like this PSA demonstrates (graphic at end) at this school to drive the point home.  And then it will really be tough not to say “I told you so.”



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