ABC Kids Update – What’s New & Improved from Harmony Juvenile Products


At ABC we finally had the opportunity to meet with Michael and the rest of the FIVE-IIHS-BEST-BET-RATED-BOOSTERS Harmony Juvenile Team to check out their newest offerings and eat their stash of complimentary chocolate.  Actually, I think I was the only blog team member to indulge in the free chocolate loot but it was exactly what I needed at that moment – and the next day too when I conveniently needed to stop by again for more pics and measurements.   😉

Many of our readers are already familiar with the fabulous little Harmony LiteRider booster (aka, Harmony Youth Booster Seat) that was rated a “Best Bet” by the IIHS and is currently available exclusively at Walmart.  New cover options are Pink Leopard & Camo.  This particular model was absent from the Harmony lineup at ABC because…. well, it’s a wally world exclusive. However, we did get a look at the other IIHS “Best Bet” Harmony boosters, as well as a brand new booster design. First up was the Olympian, a tweaked version of the Secure Comfort Deluxe booster that was originally available at  Toys R Us.  I reviewed the original Secure Comfort Deluxe model last year and found it to be very effective in positioning the seatbelts properly on both of my boys in our minivan’s captains chairs.  However, the IIHS had some issues with that original design in their previous 2009 round of booster fit testing, so to their credit, Harmony went back and tweaked it.  The result of that tweaking is an IIHS “Best Bet” rating for this model which has been renamed the “Olympian“.     

We also saw the Dreamtime highback booster that I reviewed previously on the blog and the please-stop-calling-it-Baby Armor multi-adjustable highback .  All were covered in the nice, padded fabrics that we’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.  Last but not least, a new dual highback design called the V6 along with its backless little sibling – the Carpooler!  They claim you can fit 3 backless Carpooler models across the back of many vehicles but that isn’t a guarantee, obviously.  Much will depend on how much room you have to work with and how your backseat is contoured.  You’re more likely to have 3-across success with the Carpooler if your vehicle backseat cushion is lower (i.e., scooped out) in the outboard positions but more elevated and flat in the center.       

Carpooler backless measurements:


  • Inside width at rear hip area:  10″
  • Inside width at thigh area:  11″
  • Outside width at narrowest point in back where booster contacts back of vehicle seat cushion:  10″
  • Outside width at widest point:  17″
  • Depth front to back: 15″
  • Armrest height: 9″

Spec cards on Olympian, Carpooler, V6 & Not-For-Baby Armor:



UPDATE:  Link to spreadsheet showing all the select Walmart stores that should have the $19.99 CRUZ (aka the Carpooler LBB) in stock – while supplies last:

Walmart Store List for Harmony CRUZ LBB


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