Even more Lifesavers Updates: Britax, Diono & Evenflo


Here are a few more odds and ends from Lifesavers Denver that we thought our readers would be interested in.  As usual the “twins” were causing trouble (and turning heads) everywhere we went.  In this case, they were hoping no one would notice they had hijacked the new Britax Pinnacle 90 which is expected to be available by June 1 (according to Amazon).  Yes, Heather and I apparently have “doll issues”.  I hope we don’t wind up spending our golden years hoarding creepy life-like baby dolls and pushing them around in real strollers at the local park.  Someone shoot me if it ever comes to that, k?

In real news….

If you haven’t see it already, we have a great video of the Frontier 90 that we posted from the conference showing the ease of installation using Britax’s innovative new “ClickTight” system.

Britax Frontier 90 / Pinnacle 90 underside measurements: (click on pics to enlarge them)






Just for comparison – here are a few shots and measurements of the underside of the current Britax Frontier 85 model:



Diono now offers a new waterproof Vinyl seat cover for Radian R100/120. It’s actually pretty nice – not what you expect vinyl to feel like. This cover is mainly geared towards institutional users who need something easy to wipe clean but it’s also a fabulous option for families with special needs kids with incontinence issues (especially when used in conjunction with the Diono dry seat accessory).



Evenflo – at least one infant seat at their booth (Nurture, pictured below)  is now sporting a new buckle style which is considerably easier to buckle and unbuckle than the previous buckle they were using. I’m hoping they’re going to transition to using this new buckle on all of their infant seats. I really like the Embrace 35 but I’m not a fan of the current buckle style being used on that seat (and most other Evenflo seats) at the moment. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.


Stay tuned for one or two more updates from the conference. There was so much to cover! I’m still gathering info and clarifying a few issues – I will post as soon as I have it all together.



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