New from Diono – Radian 3R, 3RX, 3RXT, Rainier 2AX & 2AXT

News and Updates from the 2018 JPMA Baby Show

Overall the trend in carseats for 2018-2019 is ease-of-use and technology. We saw that in abundance at the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) baby show this year. From mobile apps that tell you if your child has unbuckled their chest clip to QR codes that help you register your carseat and get installation help, to new seats with anti-rebound features, there were plenty of new and updated products on the show floor this year.

2018 Diono Updates

A few months ago, Diono hired a new CEO and a new lead engineer and they’ve been busy making improvements and adding new product lines such as strollers and baby carriers. Diono is also in the process of refreshing their entire line of Radian carseats. The new lineup will be available in July and will offer full-wrap covers and IMMI components.  We’re especially excited about the IMMI A-lock harness adjusters that will be featured on the updated carseats. What’s the big deal with an IMMI A-lock adjuster? No more tug-tug-tug to get the harness tight! The harness adjustment will be much smoother and easier to tighten compared with current Diono models.

Radian Line Updates 

The entire Radian series will be renamed.  Most new seats will feature only minor changes but Rainier will get a few major changes as well. You’ll see some of the new seats labeled with a “3,” which indicates the ability to fit 3-across in many mid-sized vehicles.

All the new Diono convertible carseats will feature a full-wrap cover with heat-transferred labels since the new black plastic shell will be covered. There will be an opening in the front of the cover (aka, an access panel), at the forward-facing beltpath, so you can pull the tail end of the LATCH strap to tighten it. Replacing the harness, if necessary, will also be an easier task: the screws holding the access panels on the sides of the current seats will be replaced with silicon plugs.

See our review of the 3RXT here.

3R (formerly R100) $199
  • 5-40 lbs. rear-facing
  • 20-65 lbs. forward-facing
  • 50-100 lbs. as a booster

3RX (formerly R120) $249
  • 5-45 lbs. rear-facing
  • 20-65 lbs. forward-facing
  • 50-120 lbs. as a booster
  • Comments: Adds higher RF weight limit and infant insert
3RXT (formerly RXT) $299
  • 5-45 lbs. rear-facing
  • 20-65 lbs. forward-facing
  • 50-120 lbs. as a booster
  • Comments: Adds a higher RF weight limit over the 3R, an infant insert, and adjustable headrest

New Rainier models

The Rainier has been redesigned to offer enhanced side-impact protection in the head area. Because the Rainier line is wider across the top, it’s not 3-across friendly in smaller vehicles, therefore Diono labels it with a “2” instead of a “3”.


Rainier 2AX $299

  • 5-50 lbs. rear-facing
  • 20-65 lbs. forward-facing
  • no booster mode – this model is rear-facing & forward-facing with harness only

Rainier 2AXT $349

  • 5-50 lbs. rear-facing
  • 20-65 lbs. forward-facing
  • 50-120 lbs. as a booster
  • Features naturally flame-retardant-free Merino Wool covers

All new Diono seats should be available in July! Check out our facebook video from the JPMA Show and stay tuned for additional updates as we get closer to summer!



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