ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s New from Clek, The First Years, Baby Trend & Nuna!


Yup, it’s officially the holiday season but we’re still cranking out updates from the ABC Show!  My goal is to be done before next year’s show!  Lol.

Seriously, the ABC Expo is soooo overwhelming but Darren, Heather and I try to document every detail that we think will be of interest to our loyal and information-obsessed readers.





Foonf Convertible

  • Rf belt path changed from original prototype design
  • Lock offs changed
  • Hip straps come from back of seat instead of bottom
  • Double loop harness (to adjust harness length via splitter plate )
  • Crotch strap position moved back to avoid belt intereference with RF installation
  • Slots on prototype used to be angled, are now straight
  • No price yet on replacement covers
  • Top tether use mandatory ff

Olli backless booster
  • Now available in black leather “Cooper” fashion


Oobr Highback Booster

  • New fashion/shell color combinations



The First Years (TOMY):



New True Fit SI (Side-Impact) C680 Convertible

  • Available for Pre-Order on Amazon (release date should be Jan 15)
  • Redesigned head wings for improved SI protection
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • C680 will go to Canada eventually but “not for a while”



New True Fit SI with I-Alert C685 Convertible

  • Expected release March 2013
  • Available for Pre-Order on Amazon
  • I Alert is an integrated monitoring system
  • App sends alert (visible & audible) to your phone if child gets out of seat while vehicle in motion
  • App sends alert to your phone if child is left in vehicle for more than (2 min?) while vehicle not running – you may dismiss the warning (let’s say you’re just pumping gas) up to 3 times but if you repeatedly ignore or dismiss the warnings, the app will start calling the back-up emergency numbers you programmed – to alert them to the situation.
  • App tells you installation recline angle, doesn’t sense lack of tension on belt but senses change in recline angle
  • App warns you if child is in seat and temp reading is extreme (default range is less than 40 degrees or more than 90 degrees – but those ranges can be reset for differing climates)



New “Contigo” Infant Seat

  • Must always be installed with base
  • 4-35 lbs
  • Forward anti-rebound handle position
  • $159/$179


“Unite” B830 Combination Seat

  • Expected release 1st Qtr 2013 (Feb/March)
  • 20-65 lbs with harness
  • 30-100 in booster mode
  • Shoulder belt guide is adjustable to line up better with various belt geometry
  • No rethread harness
  • Harness not removerable so it stores under cover in BPB mode
  • 2 recline positions




Baby Trend:



TrendZ FastBack Combination with Rigid LATCH attachments

  • New wider chest clip
  • BRU exclusive has expired and retail has been lowered $179
  • Available at Amazon


Exciting new products from BT coming in 2013 but we can’t share… yet.



Nuna is a Dutch company with lots of Euro styling. The PIPA (pronounced Pippa, like Pippa Middleton), was released in Europe last spring and they brought it to the ABC show just to make us drool. Well, maybe they had other reasons too but Heather and I were definitely impressed and we have our fingers crossed that we’ll see this little beauty on store shelves before the end of 2013.

Nuna PIPA Infant Seat – PROTOTYPE

  • Rigid LATCH, foot prop
  • Green indicators on base when LATCHed properly
  • Carrier weighs 7.7 lbs
  • Aluminum handle
  • Expandable netting unzips from canopy: dreamdrape attaches with strong magnet
  • 3 sets of harness slots
  • 4-35 lbs (potentially)
  • Any handle position allowable
  • Release handle for seat is on base
  • $299
  • Hoping for release by 3rd or 4th Qtr 2013



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