ABC Expo 2011: What’s new from Harmony!


Many of our readers are already fans of Harmony boosters. They have five different models that all have “Best Bet” designation from the IIHS for providing good belt fit.  The popular Harmony Youth Booster Seat (aka LiteRider backless booster) is widely available at Wal-Mart.  The Cruz backless booster is also available at select Wal-Marts and online too.  Nice fabrics and cute fashions that really appeal to both parents and kids, combined with budget-friendly prices and good belt fit on a wide range of kids are the keys to Harmony’s success!  We all have our favorite Harmony pattern – what’s yours?  I’m partial to the new Hot Rod! 

  • Youth Booster (aka LiteRider) available at Wal-Mart:  Pink Leopard print is being replaced by Pink Zebra, current Camo fabric is being replaced by Hot Rod.  New “Hunter Camo” is coming soon (pic below).    
  • Amazon & BuyBuyBaby will be selling Harmony V6 HBB soon (this is the Cruz with a back). 
  • Olympian backless booster (aka Secure Comfort Deluxe) & Armor Adjustable Highback are already available at Amazon. The Olympian/Secure Comfort Deluxe continues to be a great option for kids who need a wider than average booster.  We have a review here.   
  • Sometime in the next year (hopefully) we’ll be able to buy Harmony seats directly from their website! This means we won’t at the mercy of buyers anymore and we’ll be able to order whatever we want as long as it’s available. Cow lovers rejoice! lol   

I’m in love with the new Lion Dreamtime HBB pictured below.  So cute!!!  Unfortunately, no retailer has picked it up yet (gah! what’s wrong with these buyers?).  I’m told there’s also a Rabbit and a Cow model (yes, cow! I must try to get my hands on a pic to torture the moo lovers!) but they weren’t displayed at ABC.  FYI – we have a review of the Harmony Dreamtime model here.



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