2018 ABC Show Updates

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger has a couple of new rear-facing only infant seats coming out. The City Go 2 is the updated version of the City Go and features upgraded soft goods and a new base. The City Go Air features the Graco SnugLock anti-rebound base with upgraded features such as a privacy drape and Euro belt path shoulder belt clip for use without the base. Like the current City Go, the new base with the SnugLock panel and anti-rebound bar is designed to fit the City Go seats only.



“Safe Wash”

We know you wash your covers in the washing machine out of desperation despite what the manual says, but Britax has a set of covers that actually allow machine wash and dry now without damaging the flame retardancy because the fabric is inherently flame-retardant without having extra chemicals (which could usually wash away) added to it. Instead of printing up new instruction manuals for each set of seats that allow machine washing and drying, the manuals will refer owners to care labels on the covers themselves. Currently, it will be available in the “Otto” fashion on the Endeavours, Advocate ClickTight, and Pinnacle ClickTight, and will add $10 to the price. These are available at local Brixy retailers.

Britax also showed other technical fabrics, such as their Nanotex, which wipes clean super easily, available at local Brixy retailers on the Endeavours, Boulevard ClickTight, Frontier ClickTight, and Highpoint; Cool Flow, which features a mesh for air flow on the B-Safe 35 Ultra, Boulevard ClickTight, Advocate ClickTight, Frontier ClickTight, Pinnacle ClickTight, and Highpoint; Dual Comfort, which features a fabric with cooling channels with wicking fabric on the side available at Target on the B-Safe 35, Marathon ClickTight, and Midpoint; and Cool N Dry featuring Thermo5, which is a sweat-wicking fabric, available at buybuyBaby on the Endeavours, Boulevard ClickTight, and Frontier ClickTight.

Britax Cool N Dry

We mentioned it on Facebook, but in case you missed it, Britax is now putting expiration dates on their labels, along with the manufacture date. Although the lifespan of the seat is noted in the manual, it’s not always easy to find, so this will give parents and techs a quick way to discover how much life the seat has left.

Britax expiration

Stroller side . . .

  • BOB is phasing out the Flex and going to the Flex 30 after the beginning of 2019. The Flex 30 has a more flip-flop-friendly brake, more storage pockets, a fully upright seat, and an SPF-50+ canopy, among other features.
  • Blaze is replacing the Iron Man.
  • B-Lively is travel system compatible.



Even though we devoted an entire article to their new rear-facing only infant seat, the Liing, we did spot a new quilted cover for the Foonf. It was actually pretty hard to miss since it was front and center in their booth and so lovely. It doesn’t have a name yet though. Maybe one of our readers can help them?


Aton M

  • Weighs 10.9 lbs.
  • Wing-style linear side impact
  • Insert has more padding to help small babies fit better
  • New base is exclusive to the Aton M
  • Shortest load leg position is 8″ to fit center humps
  • SensorSafe chest clip will be available by mid-November

Eternis S

December 1 U.S. launch, March 2019 Canada launch

This seat is similar to the Sirona but has some features that set it apart. It’s a new all-in-one seat with a unique headrest that increases internal recline as the headrest is adjusted lower, and also enables an infant’s head to tilt back farther to help keep their airway open. As the headrest moves up for older children, it can tilt back for sleeping, like the Cybex boosters.

  • 4-50 lbs. RF
  • 22-65 lbs. FF
  • 33-120 lbs. booster
  • $379 SensorSafe version
  • $349 non-SensorSafe version
  • 1-4 RF reclines
  • 5-6 FF reclines

Cybex has also updated the SensorSafe app.

  • Parents will need to register the receiver and buckle to their phone (to keep them from accidentally picking up another seat’s information.
  • People can enter emergency contacts.
  • People can enter their vehicle type
  • The app will walk users through the set-up process instead of people needing to go into settings to make entries

Canadians: The Aton 2 heading to Canada in March 2019


Monterey 4DXT

The Monterey is on its 4th update and the sides and headwings are a little deeper. The Monterey has more styling now: The Vogue line is wool and has faux-wood outer panels, while the Sport line (with a laser-cut design on the sides) is the new regular line.


No new news from Nuna except for some new covers. It’s always lovely to look at Nunas though, so have a gaze. (Like the Pipa, the Rava will now also have a flame-retardant free option.)



Clek has a new convertible and belt-positioning booster coming, but we’ve already covered them here. Did you know one of the hottest trends this fall is plaid? UPPA does and they’ve got you covered.