Meet our newest guest reviewer, Heather’s daughter, Ellie. Because the Safety 1st Incognito Kid-Positioner is made and marketed just for kids like her, we decided to let her give us her opinions of this brand new concept seat. Ellie read the manual, installed the Incognito herself, and wrote the review while mom took photos and a video. All opinions are Ellie’s and Ellie’s alone :). 

I like the Incognito because it is comfortable and easy to install. I like how it’s compatible with all types of cars but it is not compatible with airplanes because the seat belt there isn’t like any other belt. It doesn’t have a shoulder belt. All boosters need shoulder belts. The belt guides on the seat help with safety and keep the lap belt low.

The Incognito can handle 60-120 lbs. and 47-60”. For people who use the metric system, it can handle 27.2-54.4 kg and 119.4-142.4 cm. It is meant for older kids who don’t like sitting in a booster seat. It doesn’t look like a booster seat and I think it is embarrassing to sit in a booster at age 11 and a half.