Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Thermos Intak and Foogo Review


A while back, Heather wrote about Thermos Funtainers.  Today I have a few quick comments about the Thermos Intak Water Bottles and the Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup.

Not much you can say about water bottles.  They hold water.  The Intak does that well, and in fun colors, too.  The Intak also has a nice, wide spout that not only is easy for drinking, but big enough to fill under a faucet.  The locking top is resistant to 3-year olds.  It goes into a dishwasher with no problems.  It has a rotating bezel if you want to keep track of how many refills you drink.  When closed, it doesn’t spill.  It has a flip up loop for carrying or to attach to a pack.  It’s also narrow enough to fit into most mesh backpack pockets.  Not much else to say- it’s a nice water bottle you can get at Target for under $10.  Just keep in mind that it’s not insulated, so it won’t keep beverages hot or cold.

The Foogo is a sippy cup.  It keeps milk and juice cold, so it never goes to waste.  It cleans up in the dishwasher, also.  Again, simple and well made.  Ideal for cold drinks, but not recommended for hot ones.  No issues with dripping as we have with some of our other sippys.  The top screws firmly into place every time.  Seems to be very durable, too.  I even let my son take this one around the house, even if it has milk or juice in it!

They are BPA free and I highly recommend them both!  For more information, please visit .


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