Ack!  What’s that noise?!  Oh, it’s the clock going off again.  My favorite morning crew are jabbering about something inane—they change topics so frequently that my sleep-numb brain can’t keep up and after all, this is the 4th time I’ve hit the snooze button.  Matt hates it when I do that, but he’s long gone.  I think.  I don’t remember.  Perhaps that was the first time I hit snooze.  Gah, guess I’d better get up and make sure the kids are eating breakfast so I can get them out the door to school.

As usual, my dd, the slowpoke (hmm, wonder where she gets that from) is lollygagging, standing and staring at dust, hasn’t eaten any breakfast despite the fact that it was laid out for her the night before, nor has she gotten dressed.  She has, however, been up for an hour and watched tv.  Priorities!  Ds is a speed demon, so no worries there.

I shove the kids into the van and get them off to school, usually after having lost my temper once or twice with dd.  There’s nothing like spitting Cheerios in anger.  At least the dog has something to eat.  Now it’s time to accomplish something.  Should I head to the gym and work the old gal?  Should I go home and do some long awaited housework?  Should I go shopping?  Nope.  Let’s crank up the laptop and surf!  ‘Cause I should be developing ideas for the blog, writing entries, doing my work on c-s.org, doing my work for my Safe Kids coalition, or something else that needs to be done.

Seriously, I have the best of intentions.  I start by checking my email.  Get that deleted and out of the way and start to think about the day’s work, then my mouse hand just takes over and starts a-clickin’ away.  I can’t control it!  So much for the big project I’m working on for my SK coalition.  So much for the workout I should be doing at the gym; I may as well give up my membership at this point, it’s been so long since I was there last.  Creepy guy, witchy laugh, Ms. Fake Boobs, and the threesome who hog equipment and never workout must miss me.

I try to get myself back on task.  I open necessary files and pretend to type.  Oh no!  The hidden chocolate is calling me!  Geez o’ man, I just sat down!  Ah, OK, I have a supply of chocolates so I’m set now.  Bing!  Gmail notifier just let me know that I now have more emails.  I . . . can’t . . . resist . . . must . . . look.  Ring ring ring.  Phone rings.  OK, everything has settled down.  Now I have to go to the bathroom.  But I’d better check and see what’s going on at c-s.org to make sure everyone’s minding their manners—it *is* a full moon today and everyone gets all whacked out because of it.  Hey!  Lunchtime!  Ah, forget it.  I’m just gonna watch tv for the rest of the afternoon.  What’s the point?