How to Use Pool Noodles During Quarantine


Pool noodles can help parents get the proper recline angle on a rear-facing carseat, so they’re an essential piece of equipment that Child Passenger Safety Technicians and carseat-savvy parents always have on hand. During the current lockdown, though, most technicians aren’t doing in-person appointments and might have a glut of pool noodles hanging around. I know I do. A few years ago, I managed to score 54 noodles for under $10, and I still have most of them in my basement.

Since the lockdown started, I’ve seen some viral posts about people using pool noodles in creative ways, so I figured I’d share them (and some others) in case anyone needs ideas for using up their supply.

Social Distance

Put your noodles to good use and make a social-distancing hat like this guy did.

Pet Maze

If you have a hedgehog, guinea pig, rat, or other small animal, you can keep them (and yourself) occupied and entertained by creating obstacle courses for them.

Marble Maze

You can also keep your kids occupied by building a marble maze for them. This can be done on regular walls, or, for extra splash, do it on the wall of the bathtub and add water!

Kid Wash

Speaking of water, several years ago, I made a “kid wash” with pool noodles and PVC pipes. If the lockdown continues into the summer, this could be a fun alternative to going to the community pool or waterpark. (Okay, it might not be equally fun, but it’s something.)

Make Friends

If your kids get bored not having friends around, they can make some new ones. Literally. Just add faces and accessories!

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