Holiday Toy Safety


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.23.28 AMGood news! Toy recalls are at a seven-year low! Even so, it’s important for parents to use caution when selecting toys for their children.

The organization World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has issued its annual list of 10 Worst Toys for the holiday season. (If you were thinking about buying your kids Poo-Dough, you might want to reconsider.) Their list includes realistic-looking guns, toys for small children with choking hazards that come off too easily, and ride-on-type toys that encourage use without safety gear.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission encourages shoppers to follow these steps when choosing and giving toys:

  • Read labels and choose toys appropriate for the child’s age
  • Include proper safety gear with riding toys
  • Keep toys with small magnets away from small children

The CPSC has also produced a quick guide with more tips, such as:

  • Avoid toys with cords for very young children
  • Supervise children when using toys like electric trains
  • Be careful about toys that make loud noises, and don’t use them too close to the ear
  • Teach children to put toys away properly to avoid tripping/slipping injuries
  • Dispose of damaged toys

Reading labels, following directions, and maintaining supervision can help keep your kids safe this holiday season.


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