Today I have two top 10 lists.  First is where our readers have clicked to go from CarseatBlog in the last year:

And where do CarseatBlog readers come from?

  • #10 facebook.com
  • #9 AOL.com search
  • #8 windsorpeak.com
  • #7 babycenter.com
  • #6 mothering.com
  • #5 live.com/bing.com
  • #4 yahoo.com
  • #3 car-safety.org
  • #2 car-seat.org
  • #1 tie, google.com and bookmarks/direct links

I had two sources of statistics that disagreed slightly on some of the ordering of these lists, but I think they are pretty close, though there might be a swap here or there as one of the sources doesn’t account for search engine traffic correctly.

Stay tuned for Wednesday when our Learning Curve First Years True Fit Premiere Giveaway begins, sponsored by Kids-N-Cribs.Com.  Sure to be one of our more popular blogs!