Fun Fun FUNtainers!


We’ve had a problem for the longest time with beverage containers.  My dd doesn’t drink juice (yay for her!), so the only drink I’ve been able to send with her to school in her lunches is water.  Well, those pull-top lids were impossible for a pre-K/Kindy kid to open so we resorted to a twist top water bottle that we washed and reused.  The only problem was that it leaked.  And bad.  Every month or so the leaking would get so bad that we’d replace the bottle and start over.  It just never occurred to me to look for a permanent “Thermos”, as we used to call them in the good ol’ days, because I figured a) she’d lose it and b) she wouldn’t be able to open it on her own.  I’ve heard about the FUNtainers, but never paid attention to the threads on about them because I figured they were more like sippy cups for the younger crowd.  Then I went to the Thermos area at the ABC Kids Show and actually saw a FUNtainer and practically begged for 2 samples: one for my dd and one for my ds.

Last week I nearly gave up and bought one for my dd because she came home with a water-soaked backpack, as did half her 1st grade class because her water leaked through her lunch box.  I knew the FUNtainer was coming, though, and the next day I just sealed her water in a ziploc.  Ironically, as I pulled into the driveway that afternoon after picking the kids up, there was the box of FUNtainers!

So, what is a FUNtainer?  It’s a stainless steel leak-proof straw bottle.  The lid has a button that you push that makes it pop open and a silicone straw pops up.  Drink!  It’s got a double-layer insulated design so cold stuff stays cold without getting condensation on the outside.  The paperwork I got with my bottles say that they aren’t dishwasher safe, though the Thermos web site says that the Foogo bottles, which look exactly like the FUNtainers but without the fun design, are dishwasher safe.  Since FUNtainers can be expensive (around $15), I’d err on the safe side and handwash. 

My dd loves her FUNtainer and it’s been working well for her and we’ve had a dry lunchbox every since she started using it.  My 8.5 yr old ds?  Well, he doesn’t like the Spiderman design I picked out for him.  I found out that FUNtainers come in adult sizes now too, so I think I’ll be buying one for myself soon.  I’ve been looking for something just like it that will hold a Diet Coke as I drive to teach tech classes in the early morning (eh, anything before 9a is early morning, lol!).


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