Coming Soon: Britax Baby Bucket (aka Chaperone)


Read all about it, the Britax Chaperone infant seat carrier and travel system are coming soon to a retail outlet near you!  As you can see, it will be available in Cowmoo:-)

I won’t bore you with all the features.  You can read all about them at the Britax USA website.  The anti-rebound bar is a nice feature not found in many infant seats.  The Britax “True” side impact protection wings and the no-rethread harness with a quick height adjustment are great features, too.  We’re also told that every Chaperone will ship with an infant insert that will help it to better fit small newborns and some preemies, too!  Initial colors include Cow Bay, Savannah and Red Mill.

We’ve seen earlier prototypes at conferences and trade shows, and it looks like it will be a very nice seat.  The Chaperone stroller has been substantially revised since we’ve seen it, so we will have to wait and see like everyone else!  The Chaperone should arrive in stores in early June.  We should have one for a review around the same time!

We also have an update that the Britax Advocate CS will be shipping at the end of this month.  The Advocate is basically a Britax Boulevard Click & Safe with the addition of side impact cushions.  You can also read about it at the product page at Britax USA’s website.  We have two reviews of the Boulevard CS in our blog, here and here, and in our preview last fall.


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