Seven Different Brand Names and Counting!


In the world of car seats, technicians need to know the names of the car seats with which they’re dealing.  We need to be able to identify seats so we can look them up on recall lists and to write them down on checklists for liability reasons.  It’s important to our jobs.  And sanity.

For example, Dorel is a major manufacturer of car seats-their car seats are everywhere in virtually every store.  But, they aren’t identified by the brand name “Dorel”.  Dorel is the parent company with no fewer than seven Seven SEVEN brand names under them with more consumer-friendly names (Cosco-not the fun warehouse store Costco, Eddie Bauer, Safety 1st, Maxi Cosi, Alpha Elite, Alpha Luxe, and Alpha Sport).  Would you rather own a Dorel seat or an Eddie Bauer seat?  I thought so (and so did they).  Problem is, with so many different brand names, who can keep ‘em straight?  Holy cow!  Dorel creates brand names for certain stores, to add to the prestige of owning a seat.  But why do we need six different brands for ONE seat, the Alpha Omega Elite (the AOE isn’t available under the Maxi Cosi brand)?  It truly boggles the mind.

It’s also a fascinating study in confusion as to why we need so many names for one seat.  The Dorel (insert your own favorite Dorel brand here) Alpha Omega Elite is also known as the Deluxe 3-in-1, the Alpha Omega Elite/Luxe, the Deluxe 3-in-1, and the Echelon.  Some of those are available in 40 lbs. versions, some are available in 50 lbs. versions.  That’s FIVE names for ONE seat.  At least we get a break with the regular ol’ Alpha Omega 3-in-1.  It’s aka the 3-in-1 and the Alpha Omega All in One, but it also has some versions in 40 lbs. and some in 50 lbs.  Is your head spinning yet?  Mine is.  But at least there are only THREE names for that ONE seat.  Whew.

Or, if you like all of those eight seats, you can just buy the All in One Deluxe seat, which takes the harness height adjuster of the Alpha Omega Elite and combines it with the curvy, ultra sexy base of the Alpha Omega 3-in-1, but you only get a 40 lbs. weight limit.

So, did I mention sanity somewhere along the line?  I think I lost mine somewhere in this post, lol.  But truly, this is what we techs have to deal with on a daily basis.  Manufacturers don’t have to do this craziness to have a recognizable, desirable name brand.  Britax, Clek, Chicco, Recaro all have name brand recognition without having to confuse consumers and professionals.  Just don’t do it guys: don’t confuse the people who are buying your products.  It’s not good business.

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