A little recognition and gratitude for all the “Shining Stars” out there.


Have you ever busted your butt putting together an awesome CPS presentation at a moment’s notice  just because some group asked you to come speak and you knew it might be your only chance?  Have you ever driven more than an hour away to help out at a check event or to help some random person who was really desperate?  Have you ever loaned out or given away one of your own personal seats to someone whose child needed it more than yours did?  Have you ever spent countless hours helping strangers online so that their kids can be as safe as yours?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then congratulations!  You are a “Shining Star” and this award recognizes all your dedication, passion and hard work!

You see, last week at a regional CPS conference, I was thoroughly and completely embarrassed in front of my peers when my passion and freaky geekishness (well, they didn’t use those words exactly but that was the implication) was honored with a “Shining Star” award.  But honestly, this award can’t belong only to me.  It rightfully belongs to all of us freaky carseat geeks (er…. I mean passionate CPS techs and advocates).  All of us who have worked so hard for so long with little or no recognition.  All of us who give so generously of our time and our knowledge.  All of us who understand that the big payoff isn’t in dollars (although that would be nice) but the satisfaction of knowing that you make a real, measurable difference in this world.

So, break out the bubbly (or at least the cheap tap beer) because we’re having a Shining Star Party and I’m buying!   Cheers!


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