Recommended Child Safety Seats Redux


Our list of Recommended Carseats evolves over time.  Usually, we make a minor update, fix a link or replace an old model with a newer version and no one notices.  Every once in a while, though, we make a number of changes at once because too many seats have been discontinued, too many models have been released since the last update or just because we want to replace the old with the new.  Our list hadn’t changed since May, but Heather has just finished editing our updated list of models for your perusal.  As before, please remember that these are just our opinions.  We don’t list every seat we like.  We can’t guarantee these models will fit your child or your vehicle.  We can’t say they are the best or the safest for your situation.  We just know from personal experience that all of them offer something, from a rock bottom price to a unique safety feature.  Even Heather, Kecia and I have trouble agreeing on some of these seats, but we are confident that this is a pretty good starting place for anyone’s search for the perfect carseat!

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