What Interests YOU at ABC Kids Expo?


What happens in Vegas?  ABC Kids Expo, that’s what!  Sadly, this trip may be our last one, since it is moving to Louisville next year.  As a farewell sendoff, Heather, Kecia and I will be broadcasting live via satellite from Las Vegas!  Well, blogging live via internet, anyway.  Our schedule is almost already crammed with child safety seat manufacturers the first couple days, but we still have Tuesday afternoon for anyone else out there who wants to talk to us about sponsorships and giveaways!  We’re also adding a team to cover strollers, bags, accessories and other baby gear, since we had so little time to see anything but carseats in years past.  Even so, we were rejected for the first time this year!  A diaper bag and accessory manufacturer contacted me via email, asking for an appointment with us.  When I replied a few hours later to set up the appointment they suggested, they rejected us!  Oh well, plenty of companies out there looking for good, free publicity!

Anyway, our ABC blogs are some of the most popular of the year and for good reason: many manufacturers are introducing and showcasing new products there.  Plus, we get a lot of shwag that we pass along to you in the form of goodie bag giveaways:-)  So, what do you want to see this year?  Maybe a child safety seat that we overlooked?  Some sporty new stroller that hasn’t been shown to the public yet?  Perhaps we can get the scoop on it for you!  We definitely have one new product coming that will surprise a lot of you!  Feel free to leave us a comment on what you would like us to see!

Oh and to kick off the shwag season, for those of you who read past the home page in our blogs that don’t say “Giveaway” in the title, I have some miscellaneous leftovers.  Really unexciting stuff.  But it can belong to you, if, along with your ABC suggestions, you can guess my top five fave Elvis tunes.  After all, what represents Vegas better than Elvis?  Here are some hints for trivia nuts, because they won’t be found on a compilation of his #1 Billboard USA hits.  Even though I can’t conceive of anyone who doesn’t like Elvis, if you are out there, you can probably use this information to figure it out from Google.  All 5 songs were released within a few years of when I was born; my mom is a huge Elvis fan so maybe she played them a lot back then?  My favorite was a remake that he never recorded in the studio, but the recorded-live single from Vegas did go platinum and was a #1 hit in the UK.  Okay, okay, I’m going to give that one away with a video from Vegas that shows why he IS the KING. 

So, now you only have to figure out the other four.  Inspirational number two came from a famous TV special and was also a platinum single, even though it didn’t quite reach the Billboard top 10 in the USA.  If you are an Elvis Junkie, number three originally appeared in a movie and was never a big hit, until a remake gained this song a lot of popularity within the last decade.  Number four went platinum as a single, too, and reached the highest spot of the five in the USA charts.  It was written by famous singer/songwriter, Mac Davis.  Number five made the Billboard top 40, even though it was only released as a [platinum] single and didn’t appear on an original album.  It was written by another famous country music singer/songwriter.  Finally, what good is a quiz without extra credit?  If the first person to guess all 4 correctly also gets the EC, I’ll toss in a CarseatBlog keychain into the shwag bag.  Here it is.  What was Elvis’ biggest hit of that era?  I have to say it probably belongs in my top 5, but it made for a better extra credit question.  Good luck!

Oh, One guess per person, please, unless I have to give out more hints!


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