Infant Seat Handle Positions


A common question parents often have when using infant seats is “where should the handle go—up or down?”  It’s not that simple anymore, actually.  On some seats, the handle must be up.  On some, the handle must be down.  On one, the handle is recommended to be placed all the way forward, toward the baby’s feet!  And I guarantee you that in every vehicle but one I’ve seen with an Evenflo infant seat, the handle has been in the incorrect up position.  So, instead of playing “Guess the Handle Position” with your infant seat handles, let’s get some help.

We’re big supporters of SafetyBeltSafe USA here at the blog.  They work tirelessly in pursuit of child passenger safety and have for years, trying to push legislation and forward thinking.  SBS USA is the nonprofit organization that produces the manufacturers’ instructions CD that every technician should have and the color pictorial that helps us identify those pesky CL carseats that leave us scratching our heads.  SBS USA has gone and done it again: they’ve created a document listing all infant seats and their handle positions.  After you’ve checked out the handle positions document, take a look at all the other documents they have for free on their website: .  And I know that this blog post didn’t start out this way, but if you have a couple bucks left over in your PayPal account, you might want to thank SBS USA for their generous help and dedication to all of us.


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