2017 Graco MySize 65 / Size4Me 65 / Fit4Me 65 Convertible Carseat Review


The Graco MySize 65, Graco Size4Me 65 & Graco Fit4Me 65 are convertibles seats that all share the same platform. For this reason they are often referred to as the “Graco Clones”. The various models are available at different retailers but they are all very similar. The covers and inserts vary from model to model but the structure and features are the same.

Graco MySize 65 Specs:

  • Rear-facing 4-40 lbs.
  • Forward Facing 22-65 lbs., less than 49” tall


Graco MySize 65 Features:

  • No re-thread harness with 8 height positions
  • 2 buckle positions
  • 3-position base (1 for RF, 2 for FF)
  • Premium push-on LATCH connectors (LATCH weight limit is 45 lbs.)
  • EPS foam
  • Infant insert
  • Integrated cup holder
  • Some models have “Rapid Remove Cover” for easy cleaning
  • 7 year expiration

2017 Fashions:



  • Fit4Me Drexel (Walmart)
  • Fit4Me Plus (Walmart)
  • Fit4Me Matrix (Amazon)
  • Fit4Me Finch (Walmart, Amazon)
  • Fit4Me Lacey (Walmart)
  • Fit4Me Flip (Walmart)



  • Lowest harness height (with infant insert): approximately 7″
  • Lowest harness height (without insert): 8″
  • Highest harness height: 17.5″
  • Crotch buckle positions: 4.5″, 6″
  • Internal rear-facing height: 27.5” (1” below the headrest adjustment lever of 28.5” )
  • Widest point: 19″ across
  • Weight: 19 lbs.


Fit-to-Child Comments:

  • Rear-Facing: The MySize/Size4Me/Fit4Me will fit many average-sized newborns, so you have the option to skip the infant seat if you want to go that route. However, these models don’t always provide an ideal fit on preemies or small newborns even though they are rated down to 4 lbs.  They are an excellent option for extended rear-facing for kids under 40 lbs. – these models are so tall that it’s impossible to outgrow them by height before reaching the 40 lbs. weight limit.


  • Forward-Facing: Tall top harness slots and generous weight limits mean most kids will be able to fit in this seat until 6-7 years old when they are old enough and large enough to safely transition to a booster seat. Almost all kids will outgrow these convertibles by height before reaching the 65 lbs. weight limit.



  • Good for extended rear-facing; won’t be outgrown by height before child reaches 40 pounds
  • Better than average rear-facing legroom
  • Tall max harness height for forward-facing
  • Enough shoulder room for older kids to fit comfortably
  • 8-postion no-rethread harness is easy to use
  • Easy-to-read ball indicator for recline level
  • Can be installed with Ford inflatable seat belts
  • EPS foam-lined head wings
  • Integrated cupholder
  • 7 year lifespan before expiration
  • Good value for the price


  • Lacks a built-in lockoff for seatbelt installations
  • Padding is minimal once infant insert is removed
  • Only 1 recline position on base for rear-facing. Recline angle may be increased, if necessary, by using a pool noodle or tightly rolled towel under base
  • Made in China


These convertible seats are easy to install in most vehicles but discontinue installation with lower LATCH connectors and use seatbelt plus tether to install if child weighs more than 45 lbs. Since these seats lack a lockoff for seatbelt installations you must read your vehicle owner’s manual to determine how your seatbelts lock in order to properly install these car seats with a seatbelt. All of these models should fit average-sized full term newborns well but may not be a good fit for smaller newborns or preemies. Excellent choice for extended rear-facing; almost all kids will be able to rear-face in the MySize / Size4Me / Fit4Me until they reach 40 lbs. because the seats are so tall. The 7 year lifespan before expiration will get the average child from birth to booster-ready age. The MySize, Size4Me, and Fit4Me are all FAA approved for air travel. There is a sticker label on the back of the seat with the FAA certification language printed in red letters.