GoGo Babyz Infant Cruizer Review


Today’s Guest Reviewer is Lisa Pisha, a freelance writer and mom.  She also happens to have a beautiful baby and a Graco Snugride, both needed to test and review the Cruizer!  I thought the Cruizer was a handy alternative to a full size stroller, for parents who frequently travel by airplane and/or taxi.  I wrote a brief blog about it last month, after the ABC Kids Expo.  Thank you again to GoGo Babyz for their cooperation!  Be sure to check out their website for a variety of stroller related solutions, including their popular Travelmate system.

My informal, non-technical review of the Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer

By Lisa Pisha

Let me start by saying that I have a stroller for nearly every purpose sitting in my garage and most of them do just that: sit. I’m constantly on the lookout for that magical one-size-fits-all car seat carrier/stroller combo/jogger/double, you-name-it. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out the Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer, I was more than happy to help out fellow parents looking for a quick on-the-go car seat companion.

The Go-Go-Babyz Infant Cruizer was pretty cool and has my informal, non-technical thumbs up for quick trips and getting you, baby, and car seat in-and-out of airports, cabs, and other compact spots very easily.

A few things I really like about it are it’s weight and compactness when folded, the click-and-go with my Graco Snugride, the all-terrain wheels, and the handle-bar height adjustments.

I found this Infant Cruizer to be light enough to lift swiftly in and out of the car, fold and unfold easily and be well compacted without any difficulties. The manufacturers even went the extra step to allow the handlebar the ability to snap into place when the Cruizer’s folded, so it’s not flopping around everywhere. It’s very easy to figure out the assembly and fold it without reading the instructions.

I felt like it took me no time to unfold the Cruizer, snap the carrier in and go. Definitely very cool for a mom who is always trying to figure out the easiest, and fastest way to get the baby and the stroller out of the car. I loved that my Graco Snugride clicked into place in a matter of a few seconds, and off we were. Clicking the car seat into the Cruizer was even easier than clicking it into the stroller it’s supposed to go with!

Once we were off, I thought the all-terrain wheels did an awesome job of keeping the ride a smooth one for my son, and I even tested it on gravel – not the smoothest of surfaces. It’s no jogger, as it doesn’t have any shocks to absorb too much bounce, but the wheels do make the ride surprisingly smooth for a travel stroller. Plus, the front wheel is on a swivel, so turning this stroller is a breeze!

Finally, I also liked that the handle bar on the Cruizer is adjustable. Pretty much the same set-up as the handle bar on a suitcase here. It’s one-hand operation to adjust and push the stroller is yet another feature that I can absolutely appreciate.

While I loved most of this stoller, I did find one significant disadvantage to the Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer. The height of the infant carrier off the ground and the distance from me to the carrier was enough to make me a raise an eyebrow. It took me awhile to get used to my son so far away from me as our other strollers keep him closer. I was uncomfortable with him so low to the ground as well. Even though the carriers are padded and do form somewhat of a barrier between the baby and the surroundings, I felt like he was outside of other people’s peripheral vision – something to take note of when traveling around with the stroller in busy airports or other crowded situations.

All in all, the Go-Go Babyz Infant Cruizer is a great choice for a compact, lightweight travel stroller that allows you to use the comforts of your baby’s car seat to get you where you need to go.


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