Thanksgiving Family Food Favorites


11252010103“Faud” is one of the Qunell family traditional holiday foods, usually served whenever turkey is on the menu.  We don’t really know much about it, other than my dad’s parent’s family was originally from Quebec, so it is probably French Canadian in origin.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t come up on Google under that name.  There are some similar recipes for traditional Quebec meat stuffing and French meat pie filling, but none of the ones I found are quite right.  Unfortunately, it is such a delicacy that I cannot reveal the secret recipe.  Someday, we plan to make a fortune selling this stuff on the internet.  I probably shouldn’t even be showing any photos or video where I divulge some of the ingredients, but today is your lucky day!



Yes, that grayish color and lumpy texture is accurate. So, what are your traditional Thanksgiving foods? (Normal or unusual)



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