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classphoto.jpgIf I had never come across, where would I be now? I’ve been a member of the forums for near on a now and the sheer amount of information I’ve received over that time has been invaluable!

I live in New Zealand, a fair while away from the U.S.A and information on CPS here is just IMPOSSIBLE to find, lacking in consistency and not very expansive. Had I not come across there is so much that I wouldn’t have learnt. Everything I learn, I pass on to others in my country via a CPS website I run for other parents here. With this website, I have reached thousands of parents not only in New Zealand but around the world!

Seeing all the information, knowledge and experience that the Child Passenger Safety Technicians and Instructors passed on to people who were in desperate need of information had me in “awe” of all they seemed to know and I really did and still do, look up to the CPST. They inspired me so much so, that I flew 9hours, 4390 miles all the way to Hawaii just to sit the CPS course! It wasn’t cheap (oh BOY wasn’t it!) but it was definitely well worth it and I don’t regret making the sacrifice to come and sit the CPS course. I am now (so far as I know), the only US certified CPST with a current certification in the whole of Australasia (Australia, New Zealand etc).

And what do you know, lady luck was with me as I had to have had what is quite possibly one of the best and most well respected Child Passenger Safety Instructors, Charles Hirata. Chuck was great! Generous, talkative, informative and a great teacher, he made the learning experience easy and enjoyable and is incredibly experienced. He is an asset to not only Maui, where he lives, not only Hawaii, not only to the U.S.A but now his teaching has reached as far as New Zealand.

Thank God for, where would I be without you guys! I thought I would take the time to write this “blog” to let you all know you’re doing a good job!

Thank You!

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  1. Peter February 1, 2008