Caps for Sale – converting your retail model Evenflo Maestro into an institutional model without cup holders


CapsForSaleCaps for Sale was one of my favorite books when I was a kid and it also makes an appropriate title for this blog! 🙂

As many of our readers know, retail models of the Evenflo Maestro come with cup holders that are permanent once they are attached to the shell. However, “institutional” versions of the same seats (sold to CPS programs) come without cup holders. In their place are little plastic caps that cover the holes in the shell where the cup holders attach. While most parents (and kids) are happy to have a carseat with dual integrated cup holders – those features take up a little extra room. For a parent or caregiver trying to fit two carseats side-by-side or 3-across the back of a small or mid-size vehicle – the lack of cup holders on the Maestro can make the difference between installation success and failure. 


I recently discovered that Evenflo will sell the little caps separately to consumers who own Maestro models. Now, if you’ve already attached the cup holders then this info won’t help you because you can’t detach the cup holders once they’re locked into place. If you try to pry them off, you’ll probably wind up damaging your seat and no one wants that to happen. However, if you have a new Maestro that hasn’t been “assembled” yet, you can call Evenflo Customer Service (aka Parent Link), give them your Maestro model # and order “Armrest Cap” (Item # 24101591). For a pair of caps, it should cost around $7.50 with shipping included.

FYI – It’s very important to cover the holes in the shell with either the caps or the cup holders otherwise your child can get a finger trapped in there.


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