Contest: Get a car, slob!


There’s nothing quite like being at the ballpark. The strange aroma of hot dogs, peanuts, and beer wafting through the air. The crack of the bat. Men in tight pants. (Bear with me; I promise this will relate to car seats in a minute.) Anagrams.

What? Yes, creating anagrams, or the rearranging of a word’s letters, is a bit of a ballpark tradition for me. During particularly slow games (no, that’s not a redundancy), my dad and I often see if we can rearrange the names of various players. It doesn’t always work, but we can usually come up with something.

Sometimes the results are clever (DANNY TARTABULL became TAN BURNT L.A. LADY). Others are downright bizarre (PAUL ASSENMACHER became AH! MULE’S PANCREAS!). Every once in a while, we would accomplish the best kind of anagram: one that pertains to or describes the original word or phrase (TROY PERCIVAL became VICTOR PLAYER).

So what does this have to do with car seats?

The other night, I woke up around 3 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. To try to tire myself out, I began anagramming car seat names in my mind. That wound up being a stupid idea, because not only did it not bore me to sleep, it got me so hyped up that I was awake for another two hours. I did come up with a great anagram, though, that I’ll share at the end of this post.

The next day, I pulled out some paper and started rearranging.



I’m surprised it hadn’t occurred to me before, but GRACO CARGO is an anagram of itself!

CARSEATBLOG wound up providing a wealth of great outcomes: BELT AS CARGO, CARS GOT ABLE, STABLE CARGO, CLEAR GOAT B.S., CLOG A BASTER, ESCARGOT LAB, and the title of this post, GET A CAR, SLOB!

That brings us to our contest. You won’t get a car (nor are you a slob), but you will have a chance to win a Joovy Doll Infant Seat.

Take a word, words, or phrase pertinent to car safety, scramble up the letters, and share your results. Use a car seat name or a few car seats together. Try to rearrange “Rear-face as long as possible.” Make an anagram of the content of FMVSS213. (Don’t really do that.) Whatever you’d like, as long as it pertains to vehicle safety.

(Hint: There are programs that will rearrange things for you. You can use them, though I’d recommend sticking to good ol’ pencil and paper for shorter words/phrases. It’s more fun that way.)

You must use ALL of the letters exactly one time. You can freely add punctuation wherever you’d like.

Submit your results in the comments section of this post. You may enter up to three times, but only include one anagram per response.

The contest will close two weeks from today, so think fast. CarseatBlog staff will select the cleverest anagram shortly thereafter. The winner will receive a Joovy Doll Infant Seat in his/her choice of blue or pink, shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. CarseatBlog staff and those with addresses outside the continental U.S. are not eligible to win, but can play for fun.

Get scrambling!

Oh, and the anagram I came up with in the middle of the night?



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