Sometimes we do a review even without having been provided a sample for this purpose (but we really like samples!).  Usually, it would have to be something pretty good or at least something people can buy through our Amazon store😉 Last year, I happened upon a nice offer at the Car-Seat.Org forums.  I bought one, mostly for my wife.  That’s because I really didn’t drink coffee, except for a Mocha Valencia at Starbucks now and then.  That’s really more of a dessert to me, since after the whipping cream, chocolate and orange, there probably isn’t a whole lot of coffee going on.  Worst case, if it was junk, I’d only be out shipping.

Turns out, the Senseo has become the only appliance that has earned a spot on our counter top, aside from the toaster oven.  All the other appliances and gadgets are stored in cabinets, to be used a handful of times every year.  Not the Senseo, it’s used every day, sometimes more than once.  I actually drink coffee now that I can make a reasonable cup.  Well, also because Starbucks doesn’t make the Mocha Valencia anymore.  For the coffee purists, I’m sure it’s not the greatest coffee in the world, but hey, I like a Greek style shaken Nescafe instant coffee on ice in the summer, sometimes, too.  On the plus side, it is fast, easy and most importantly for me, foolproof.  (Okay sometimes I forget to put a new pod inside and it tastes awful).

Anyway, we’ve got the basic Senseo Coffee Maker, but you can get a fancy one, too.  The pods aren’t cheap, they’re about 25 cents each, which is 50 cents for an 8 ounce “double”.  We’re trying the sampler pack now and there are number of other varieties and aftermarket pods, too.  Mostly we stick with decaf and dark roast.  Someday, I may graduate to a real brewing machine and freshly ground Kona beans, but for now, this stuff seems pretty good.  My wife likes it too, and she’s the real coffee drinker.  It’s also about time I thanked Philips with a review of the Senseo Coffee Maker in return for the promotion.


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