Two recent recalls of Child Restraint products has really highlighted the necessity of registering your carseats and booster seats with the manufacturer.  If you don’t register your CRs, or if you forget to update the registration address when you move – there’s a good chance you could be left in the dark in the event of a safety-related recall.  In my blog discussing the recent Evenflo Maestro recall – I encouraged CPS Technicians, Coalitions or Programs who may prefer to be responsible for mailing in the product registration cards to do it online. 

“Have you noticed how illegibly some people write?  There have been plenty of instances where I’ve looked at the completed registration cards and I just know that the poor data entry person employed by the CR manufacturer has absolutely no chance of inputting that person’s name and/or address correctly.  And obviously, if it’s not in the system correctly then the parent/caregiver isn’t going to receive the necessary information regarding a recall.  So, if at all possible, take a few minutes after your check event or appointment to get online and register the products yourself on the CR manufacturer’s websites.  Have the check forms handy too in case you need to double-check a name or address spelling.”

Of course, this good advice applies to all consumers – not just CPS techs and programs.  Using the online registration form is going to increase the chances of your info being correctly entered into the manufacturer’s registration database.  Just don’t duplicate your efforts by also mailing in the registration card.  It’s one or the other.    

However, finding the link you need on the CR Manufacturer’s website is sometimes easier said than done.  So, for my own benefit as well as yours – here’s a list of direct links (note: these are generally only to register US Child Restraint models):  





Cybex:  ?  (will update with link when I find it or it becomes an available option)

Dorel:  (Cosco, Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer, Maxi Cosi)  http://www.djgusa.com/usa/eng/Registration 


The First Years/Learning Curvehttp://www.learningcurve.com/ProdRegistration/productregistration.jsp?locale=en_US


Harmony:  http://www.harmonyjuvenile.com/registration/

Mia Modahttp://www.miamodainc.com/templates/rhuk_milkyway/registration.php

Orbit Babyhttp://www.orbitbaby.com/en/support/register/consumer/

Peg Peregohttp://us.pegperego.com/babyproducts-site/cpsc-registration-form/


Safe Traffic Systemhttp://www.safetrafficsystem.com/ver3/registration.html

Summer Infanthttp://www.summerinfant.com/register_product.htm

Sunshine Kidshttp://www.skjp.com/en-US/register