Poetic Justice for Impatient Drivers


We had been searching for a handy parking spot for nearly 10 minutes.  It’s a very busy downtown area and the parking garages are inconvenient for a quick trip.  Plus, we’d just left the lot on this side of the downtown area without finding a spot.  So, my wife finally decided that she’d pull into the lot next to the store, run in to get the item she wanted to buy for a gift, then I’d take over driving the car and wait for her to come back.

Sounded like a plan.  As she exited, I hopped into the driver’s seat, backed out of the loading area and started turning down the exit lane of the parking lot.  I could not proceed because an elderly woman with a walker was crossing the lane very slowly.  While I’m not the most patient driver, I was waiting for my wife anyway.  It’s not like I had anywhere to go, so I was happy to hold up traffic on her behalf.   The driver behind me was not so patient.  A couple times he moved left, presumably thinking he would pass me to find a spot in the last lane once she was done blocking my path.  Finally, just as the woman was about to clear the driving lane in front of me, he revved it and zipped past me on the left.  It was a manly accomplishment, to be sure.  I’m certain the elderly woman was impressed with the prowess of his generic midsize sedan.

A few moments later, as he stopped at the end of the lane at the street, I had to chuckle when a car right behind him backed out of a parking space.  I  happily took the spot and watched sporto drive into the garage directly across from the parking lot exit.  The same garage we’d left a little while earlier.  Maybe he’d have better luck.  Or not!

It’s not the first time I’d seen poetic justice served.  I hope it’s not the last, because those are quality driving moments.


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