Sunshine Kids Increases Rear-Facing Limit on Radian Models


It’s “Old” news now, but we thought it is worth mentioning for those who haven’t seen it. Kudos to Sunshine Kids for adding the Radian series of convertibles to the models that have 40 pound rear-facing weight limits.  Here is the official press release:

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Increased Rear-Facing Limits On Existing Radian Models

SUMNER, WA – July 20, 2009 – Due to the recent advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics to keep children rear-facing until their second birthday ( ), rear-facing capacity has gained renewed interest.

Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products has recently completed additional crash testing and Radian’s rear-facing capacity has been increased to 40 lbs.  The Radian seats meet all the rear-facing crash test performance standards in FMVSS213, even at 40 lbs (Note: such performance is not required by law for RF seats above 22 lbs).  As well, Radian seats were successfully NCAP crash tested  (35 mph / 47 g’s impact force – almost twice the forces – compared to 30 mph / 25 g’s impact in FMVSS213 crash tests). This new change will be reflected in new manuals later in the year.  In the meantime, please note this increased rear-facing capacity is now retroactive to all US model Radian seats made after September, 2008.

Models: US models only – Radian65® (16500), Radian80® (18500) and RadianXT® (19500)

–          Rear-facing capacity for these Radian models has been increased to 40 lbs.

–          This change will be reflected on future Radian manuals and stickers.

–          This change is now retroactive and applies to U.S. Radian models manufactured in or after September, 2008.

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